Kick-Starting Your Own SEO Campaign

SEO or Search Engine Optimization can be very vague and difficult topic for an entrepreneur. Especially if you are just new to the business, this can be a blur. We know that SEO contributes a lot to online success but there are times that we cannot understand what more it can offer and how to use it wisely.


People have the instinct of consulting search engines when they are looking for some products and services online so making your website accessible to people can make it land higher in search results and can be beneficial to you. Search engine optimization includes improving some elements on your website and increasing the number of reach and views it to raise its ranking in search engine results.


A fresh and new idea in the market can get a lot of offers from SEO agencies from all over the world, all of them are promising the same result: be in the first ten rankings of top search engines. Some agencies can quote huge amounts and some overseas companies will promise the world to you in exchange of a few hundred dollars a month.


But remember that paying big for a service that doesn’t really deliver on its sworn promise can quickly deflate a marketing budget, selecting a poor type of service can result in a penalization of website by Google. The worst thing that an entrepreneur can ever do is contracting a low quality SEO service aiming to save more money. There is a saying that an ounce of prevention is a whole lot better than a pound of cure. Indeed, this is correct and is already tested. Cleaning up the mess a cheap service created most of the time is more costly than you have ever imagined.


If your business is a startup and you seem to not have enough budgets for this aspect, you can do everything on your own. All you need is patience, perseverance and love for your business. Wondering how? Well here are some tips that can help you:

 1. Concentrate on a page level first. Many businesses forget that the most important element of SEO is focusing on the text of a business page. This is making sure that all the contents are engaging, in proper grammar and are consistent. In this manner, your page can attract regular followers and can entice new ones.


2. Be visible online via social media. Social media is like a free advertisement for businesses out there. Why not take advantage of it? Everybody now knows how to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Take advantage of the situation. You will see the difference.


3. Look for other guest-postings and advertising opportunities. Whether it is a guest blogging thing or a bazaar, these opportunities can definitely help you generate some traffic to your website. You can create a badge or a signature for yourself that contains your website or your business and attach it to every article or blog entries you were asked to write. Through these, people can hear your voice and will definitely be curious about what more you can offer them. You can easily direct them to your website without giving out a lot of effort.


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