Keen on being an Enviroprenerus? Here are Ideas to Get Started

The New York Times reported that India has the longest and most intense heatwaves in decades, with temperatures reaching 123 degrees and had killed at least 36 civilians. The heatwave was just the beginning, as our planet is poised at the brink of a severe environmental crisis with current issues such as pollution, global warming, waste disposal, and climate change lingering in our everyday lives.

But who is responsible for this? Not only leaders, but every person living on the planet is responsible for the catastrophe. Businesses are also taking part when it comes to making our earth’s condition worse. For example, gas emissions produced by factories or company waste that end up in a landfill.

So, what can we do?

Without real action taken by each individual, global warming and other environmental problems might not be able to be solved. Fortunately, more and more people are raising awareness regarding these environmental issues. For example, many people are now bringing goody bags with them when going shopping to minimise the use of plastic bags. Some others avoid buying foods wrapped in plastic containers and bring their own meal container.

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Entrepreneurs can also take part in greening our planet by starting an eco-friendly business. If you are passionate about being an enviropreneur, here are some ideas to get started.

Green blogger – If you have a passion for writing, you can spread awareness through your blog. You can also generate passive income from your blog by Google ads or be an affiliate through your blog.

Clothes rentals – Our changing fashion is undeniably fast. Individuals, especially high-profile people, like to buy clothes and wear them once only. So, to help these people, you can start clothes rentals. Commonly, clothes that are in demand are tuxedos, suits for an interview, or dress for a party.

Exchange to recycle clothes – Another idea to reduce clothes waste is by starting a service of clothing exchange or recycle ones. You can help those who want to buy high-end clothes but have no money by exchanging their used clothes for your store. Then, you can recycle second-hand clothes and sell it again.

Dump Island – It will be a large scale business. People, especially the millennial or entertainers, are on their way to find a spot for taking video or pictures for their social media. You can help them by creating an appealing spot made from recycled materials. This way, you will not only create a profitable business but spread better awareness of the eco-friendly environment.

Green app developer – You can build an app with a variety of functions such as where to find recycle broker or where to sell used materials. Your target marketing will be eco-friendly people.

Green business consultant – You can help businesses create green practices towards their approach to success. Be the change and help people around you to go greener.

Tech refurbisher – Technology and innovation are changing constantly. Individuals also like to buy new smartphones or laptop then left their old devices unused or dump them in a landfill. But you can buy them in cheap cash and transform them into something more useful such as an eco-friendly lamp or fantasy lamp.

Green artist – If you are a skilful person and like to craft something, you can transform used or broken materials such as plastics or glass to beautiful things such as jewellery or art. By doing this, you can both get income from your artistic project while spreading awareness of green life.

Eco YouTube – You can start your own YouTube channel that dedicates showcasing green products or trends to spread awareness. This can be simple yet can give great influence to your viewer.

Green business community – You can start a community that spread awareness of green environment while selling organic food or recycled materials.

Urban garden planner – Cities are becoming more crowded with vehicles, with pollution everywhere. You can help your city by becoming an urban garden planner. You can transform the city to be greener and more beautiful with your urban ideas.

Urban farming planner/business – Following the previous idea, you can start building your own urban farm to help your city greener. Yet, if you have no or little budget to start your own farming business, you can begin with being a planner.

Eco restaurants – Have a passion for cooking? You can start a small business in a restaurant while spreading awareness about the green environment to your customers by designing your restaurant with an eco-friendly poster. You should also practice to buy from locally sourced food only and provide eco-friendly products, process, and service.

Eco tours – You can provide bicycle tours or eco-vehicle tours to your customers. It will be a great idea to attract bike enthusiast to use your service as well as an individual to go healthier life.

Green venture capitalist – If you have a passion for being a venture capitalist, you might be interested in becoming a venture capitalist who invests in green business off the ground only and starts helping the environment breathe better.

Recycle bottle/plastic pot or vase – Plastic and bottles are rubbish hard to avoid. It might take years for a country to completely go green without the use of plastics or bottles. But you can make a profitable business by creating a pot or vase from used plastics or bottle. A green gardener will surely love this product so much.

Green retailers – You can also start a retail business that focuses on green materials such as e-Books, recycled furniture, solar panels, solar power bank, etc.

These are some ideas that we can share. Let’s go green, shall we?

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