is this Love or Money?

Let’s talk about one of the many forms of love: The dream job that your heart desires.

Everyone has something that they are passionate about, something that they would kill for just so they can have it in their hands. So let’s say that you have a job but it’s not what you really love. Are you willing to sacrifice and abandon the money you are earning right now for the love of your dreams? For what your heart is telling you to do? To make things even worse, what if you will earn less with that dream job of yours? Will you choose your heart’s desires over financial security?

This is a tug of war, for the most part of our journey towards becoming the best version of ourselves. The optimists will say, “Do what you love, and success will chase you pants down,” while the pessimists will counter with, “Play it safe or you’ll get hurt, and you’ll regret it.”

Before taking the easiest way out, resorting to flipping a coin and letting it decide your fate, think first about this absolute fact: you only live once, but once is enough if you do it right.

Struggles, obstacles, and disappointments are normal; it adds spice to our lives. Also, no one is exempted from these hardships, all people face them, it’s just a matter of how you handle the situation you are in.

What I am trying to say is that even if you are confronted with a lot of those obstacles, when you love what you are doing, you will always be at your very best, and you won’t be easily disheartened from failures.

The chances to be what you have always dreamed of is not determined on how much you change living your life. It doesn’t mean you have to instantly spin your life 360 degrees. Don’t think that changing your life to what your heart desires can be achieved right away. Slow and steady is a better game plan than rushing on headless towards your dreams. Mindless decisions will only cause more trouble for you.

If you want to be a chef, you can start in your own kitchen and cook the basics. Or if you want to become a comedian, think of an act that suits you and work on it. The nit and grit of having a dream is to know if you are good with it, and to stay on track. Doing small tasks even for a few minutes a day that is aimed towards its achievement is a failsafe plan than waiting and wasting time.

Seeking your passion is one thing, but when you do know what you really want, it’s never a question whether you will earn more money with it or not. What matters is how happy you are when doing it, to your heart’s content. And when you are happy, you will face the unknown with no fear, and no regrets.


Live the life you love by doing what you love!


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