Is a Startup Job Really Suitable For You?

Startups offer a variety of working style than usual corporate companies. Flexible working hours (which sometimes mean up to 8 hours/day), casual attire, constant travelling, and endless tasks. The startup life might not fit everyone, especially with no guarantees to get promoted or bigger paychecks.

There are pros and cons working in a startup, of course. But, will you be satisfied with the benefits they can offer you? And will you feel okay with the shortcomings?

Let’s see what it takes working in a startup:


  1. All Hands on Deck

Do you have a specific skillset? That’s most likely not enough in startups. You’ll be obligated to learn the entire field, since you might be the only one handling. Not to mention other areas which you could also be taking care of.

At startup, you need to be able to juggle multiple projects at a time. You’ll be tasked with pretty important responsibilities. Think positive! You will be able to explore unknown capabilities about yourself.


  1. You’ll have emotional attachment to your job

Working in a Startup is like sitting in a roller coaster. There are times when it is up and rising, but there are also ‘hair-raising’ downtimes. Thus, most startups want everyone to be on the same page to achieve the ultimate goal. You should share the same visions as the founders, and the success/failure moments.

This might be too demanding for people who prefers working alone. Some crave for work-life balance. But, sometimes it’s all work at startup. You need to deal with it the best you can.


  1. You’ll decide your own career path

There’s a clear career path at corporate companies: assistant, associate, manager, director, senior director, vice president. Things are different at startups, since there’s no defined career path. It doesn’t have a real career ladder to climb. But, that doesn’t mean there’s no promotions.

Startups usually assign new roles with more responsibilities for star performers. Startups are more performance-based than those typical companies who gives a rise in salary every year (usually). Startups have no such patterns. In other words, you might feel uncertain on working at a startup (at some points).


  1. You’ll into technology

Technology isn’t that exciting for some but most startups are into the digital world. They need people who genuinely love technology. If you keep updating your gadgets, or am constantly waiting on the latest technology, you may fit the bill.


Do you feel that at least three points above speaks ‘YOU’? Congratulations! You will be better off working in a startup than corporate companies. If not, working at corporate companies also has its benefits and perks, too.


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Article contributed by Startup Jobs Asia‘s Team.

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