Investing to the Most Potential Cities in Indonesia

According to Bridget Casey, president and CEO of Money After Graduation, “Investing is essential to good money management because it ensures both present and future financial security.” Money generated from your investments can ensure a long-term financial security. Not only is investments important for an individual, business should also make the most out of their profits and savings by putting money into solid investments. Thus, profits will grow year after year. It also ensures business to be safe even at its lowest.

Where to invest your money, then?

There are several countries that are good for investing every penny you have, one of which is Indonesia. According to Emerhub, Indonesia as the world’s largest archipelago is known for its incredible natural resources, tremendous economic potential, and for being one of leading ASEAN markets. Additionally, Indonesia Investments’ Research Report shows that a larger flow of foreign visitor arrivals into Indonesia would boost its foreign exchange earnings, encourage direct investments in hospitality industry, and generate plenty of new employment opportunities for local population. This is why, Indonesia is good for investment.

Aside from Jakarta and Bali, there are several cities that will suit your investment planning. As proposed by Cekindo, here are 8 potential cities to invest besides those two cities:


Apart from Yogyakarta’s traditional values, the city is enriched in dynamic live of modern society. Tourism industry is one of biggest magnet of this city. Property is another field that attracts investors because the land has beautiful and perfect atmosphere to live, study, and do business. Food and beverage, retail, automotive, textile, pottery, handicraft, fashion, jewellery, and leather are some popular industries in Yogyakarta. Agriculture, agribusiness, transportation and machinery are also perfect to field to invest.

Semarang, Central Java

The continuous development of industrial areas in Semarang makes it a perfect destination of investment. Semarang demographic also attracts many companies such as labour intensive companies to bet their money here. Moreover, Semarang is close to several industrial cities and relatively better for infrastructures, facilities, and entertainment. If you are interested, property sector will be a great advantage to invest for the coming years.

Bandung, West Java

The growth of newly-built startups in Bandung shows how open the people and the government there are for new ideas. Some great potential fields for investment in Bandung including creative industries such as e-commerce, advertising, fashion and apparel, design, telecommunication, health care, housing and property, etc. are wide opened. Thus, it makes a great place for you to start invest your money in this culturally-rich city.

Surabaya, East Java

Among top five cities in Asia, Surabaya is lucrative for its industrial and trading sectors. This metropolitan city also has relatively lower cost of resources and living expenses compared to great capital of Jakarta. It will be so helpful for newly-built startups. Moreover, local government of Surabaya also provides more efficient access to its bureaucracy, making PMAs find it easier to deal with permits and other legal documents.


According to Cekindo, Pekanbaru is appointed to be one of best cities for investment for 3 years in row (2014, 2015, and 2016). Additionally, as the 9th largest city in Indonesia with highest money and banking rotation, Pekanbaru is the host of several mega-foreign companies in petroleum, oil, pulp, wood-sawmill, rubber-processing, and CPOs industries. There are many people from Southeast Asian and other Asian countries visit this city as a tourist. Therefore, this city is perfect place for tourism industries. Shopping centres and properties are other reasons why you should consider Pekanbaru. Extraordinary infrastructure, dynamic markets, high income population, and good governance make Pekanbaru among competitive markets in Indonesia.

Makassar, South Sulawesi

The economic growth is high in Makassar, exceeding major areas in Indonesia. Also, during difficult global economic condition, Makassar is proven to survive by itself. The purchasing power remains high, income per capita increases, and business survive, even develop very well during that time. No wonder, many investors set an eye to this city.

Samarinda, East Borneo

Samarinda is one of best capital city to invest as in 2015, this city made up to 7.1 trillion rupiahs. Property sectors contributes to 20 percent of the number. Other sectors are trading, mining, oil, and retail industries. As Samarinda is in strategic location which is close to petroleum city of Balikpapan and industrial city of Kutai Barat, you can expect a vast growth in property and business sector.

Medan, North Sumatra

Medan is one of the busiest cities in Indonesia, with the main support contributing to one-fifths of total containerized export in Indonesia. Trading also reaches a high peak in this city. Manufacturing, retail, food and beverages, warehousing, telecommunication, mining, and chemical are another major of investment for foreigners or locals.

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