Initial Startups: Behind the Scenes #1 – CarbonStory

We’ve heard about ‘Crowd-Funding’ a lot. How about ‘Crowd-Offsetting’? A Singapore-based Startup launched a portal to fight climate change! Now, you can do your part and support Green Projects via this Startup!

Yes! It’s CarbonStory!


A Brief Introduction: A social startup giving users a fun and informative way to become part of the solution to climate change by purchasing carbon offsets in a new way!  

We spoke to the Founder and Pioneer Employee, Andreas and Victor on the initial stage of CarbonStory.


Interview Dialogue with CarbonStory Co-Founder, Mr Andreas(Photo: Right) & the Techical Director,

Mr Victor (Photo: Left).

CarbonStoryAndreas&Victor (Small)

Interview with Co-Founder – Mr Andreas

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And next, we move on to the side of the story with one of the Pioneer Employees – Mr Victor.

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With that, we round up our 1st interview! If you want to know more about CarbonStory, click on this link:  More About CarbonStory


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