How Working at a Startup Can Accelerate Your Career

Some says working at a startup will take you nowhere. No clear career path, no guarantee that you will get a better position after years of service. However, working at a startup is becoming a trend!

Many experienced workers are giving up their roles, leaving big companies to join startups. They might feel that working at smaller companies will push them to their limits through working on broader job description.

Startup employees wear many hats. They are given multiple roles that could possibly improve their skills and abilities. Thus, working at a startup will help your career growth.

Still not sure? Here are the things you are able to gain when you are working at a startup:

  1. Attractive and limitless job titles

Unlike if you’re working at a corporate, you won’t get the common job title when you’re working at a startup. If it’s still pretty familiar, the job title also won’t be a barrier of the job description. Your job title is A, but you also working on B area.

Startups also don’t really count the years of expertise. You can still be regarded as capable, even when you have zero experience. People will be promoted by their performance, not their years of service. No age bar, job title bar, and above all, experience bar.

  1. Improve your resume

As you are working more than what you’ve applied for, startup life will sharpen your skills that might surprise even yourself. The small company expects you to contribute as much as you can, which is hard and good at the same time. You will be a fast-learner and improve yourself from time to time. This kind of opportunity only exists if you are working at a startup where many people might never had heard of. Moreover, your ideas are also heard. You have your voice to contribute to the company’s growth. In the end, you have so many achievements to write on your resume.

  1. Thinking out-of-the-box

Startups want you to be creative to make the company more unique and diverse than usual, boring large companies. You need to be aware about the problems, break the walls of standard, and share your ‘crazy’ ideas (with a chance of implementation). The startup you’re working for is like a school, only free.

  1. It’s like getting a degree

So, we agree that startup is like a real-life school. Well, you learn so much while you’re working at startup. Ranging from hiring, sales, problem solving, to customer relations. Congrats on your mini MBA!

With points above, we can conclude that working at startup is possible to accelerate your career. Hope you will have an impressive career in the near time!

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Article contributed by Startup Jobs Asia‘s Team.

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