How To Recruit a Good Developer When You Don’t Code

Do you have a smart phone or a mobile device that has various applications? Most likely you do, and you can get inspiration from the success of the companies running behind those applications. Because from the very beginning, all they have with them are a combination of good ideas and good developers.

The thing is, what if you have a great idea that could change people’s lifestyles and the way they communicate and do business, but then you say, “I don’t know how to code”.

Not a problem, because hiring a developer will be the best decision you’ll ever make. Let us remind you though that it’s not going to be easy.

In the first place, how can you honestly say you have a found great candidate when you don’t even understand a bit of what they really do? Will an amazingly looking resume be enough? Are past experiences from big-named corporation a sure-fire way of assessing that they can do what needs to be done?

Think first on what you would want to build before you hire a developer. This will definitely save you lots of cash and time. If you’re thinking about disrupting something in the market, which can mean it’s a complicated process to create simpler solutions to people’s specific problems, hiring a good developer is a must!

Hiring a web developer is not a game of eeny‐meeny‐minie‐mo, especially for someone who has no expert opinion on who is good and who isn’t. You would need professional advice from your friends and connections at this point.

Let their recommendations guide you to the most apt developer they’ve found based on their experiences, and you’ll lower the risk of wasting money on a bad egg. Getting recommendations from people you know and trust is a going to save you lots of time and money in your search.

Always remember that the web developer you’ll hire will be your initial partner in jeans and sweatshirts. Treat them well by understanding how they think. Great developers are really like artists. They can see beauty in things you may not understand. Well, maybe that’s what really set them apart from the rest

These developers have a common trait of tolerating your idea if you can prove to them that it is a good one. They thrive on feeding their passion and money is mostly secondary to them. Once you get their attention (because of their devotion for codes) a developer will build your dream ideas with no reservations.

Just be clear about your expectations at the onset. And be clear as well as to what you can provide for them. Developers are people with passion. To them, building something from an idea is a momentous event. Thus, they also do need recognition and respect. Make sure to set proper expectations with them.

Have you hired a developer in the past? Please feel free to share your experience in hiring one by leaving a comment below.


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