How to Maximise Sales on Christmas and New Year Season 

How to Maximise Sales on Christmas and New Year Season 

Christmas and New Year holidays are the two most awaited time of the year for many businesses. Why? Because the festive season is when the biggest sale happen. According to Cloud Ways research, there is a whopping 246.15 percent increase in worldwide e-commerce sales during holiday seasons. Gen Z won as the highest holiday spender with an average of US$784 in the U.S. and £435 in the U.K. Millenials rank second and baby boomers rank third. 

With all those numbers, it would be a waste to not maximise your Christmas and New Year sales. Therefore, StartUp Jobs Asia proposes the following tips to help boost your festive sales. Good luck!

Provide combo products and other special offers 

Who does not like discounts and free gifts? Everyone loves it, especially millennials consumers. In this case, whatever types of products or services you sell, you can always offer bundle discounts, free gifts, free shipping, or extra products that will tease your loyal consumers to shop. Just like the picture below, Hydrafacial has done the right thing to get more attention to its customers. The combination of attention-grabbing picture and catchy caption are perfect to let followers know what you offer. 

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A study led by Dr Paul J. Zak found that coupons and other special offers did impact people’s happiness, health, and stress condition with recipients who got a 10 percent voucher experienced a 38 percent rise in oxytocin levels and were 11 percent happier than those who did not.

Optimise your ads and social media campaign 

Another strategy you can do is to maximise your ads and social media campaign. Brand advertisements are where your money lies. Meanwhile, the social media campaign helps consumers easily find your brands. These two are vital to your sales strategy. How to maximise the campaign? 

  • If you are using Facebook, here is a handful of Facebook ads strategy. 
  • If you are using Instagram, here is how you should maximise your Instagram campaign.  
  • If you are using TikTok, here is the strategy you should implement. 
  • And don’t forget to use curiosity as your marketing strategy because it can boost the click-per-rate of your product or service. 
  • Additional tips, you can decorate your campaign so customers know that you are celebrating Christmas and New Year with them.  

Optimise your website 

Next thing to do is to redecorate your website so it aligns with Christmas and New year vibe. In our previous article, we have discussed that your web design does affect so much to your customers’ judgments. Nearly every customer will first see the credibility of a company by their website. Customers will likely leave a web and move to another company when the web does not provide contacts. So, the answer is obvious. Make your web as stand out as possible and put every necessary button in it such as CTA button and contact button. Also, make your website is smartphone friendly because many young generations like to spend and shop from their smartphones. 

Communicate more with customers 

Last but not least, let your clients hear your thoughts about the festive season. It would work best for a live podcast, live video blogging, or face-to-face sales because this tip requires you to connect on a deeper level by communicating with your customers. Communicating with your customers before the D-day will also help you forecast how much products or services you should prepare. 

Recalculate your inventory products 

After you take care of your campaign, website, know your consumers’ wants and needs, it is time to move to your products or services. Of course, you don’t want to run out of products, right? So, time to see the available products in your warehouse. After that, you can use the previous Christmas and New year sale to forecast which product will be in high demand. 

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