How to Land a Job at The Rising Startup

You can be hired at a startup before you know it, as long as you are able to be their preferred candidate. How about some tips to land a job at the rising startup?

Well, there must be plenty of people are applying for that rising startup. However, they will most likely hire through referrals. If you happen to know someone to connect with them, that’s great! But, many of you might not have that connection.

How to get noticed if you don’t have a connection at the startup where you want to work. Here are some tips:

  1. Be a proactive candidate, they can’t ignore you

You’re kind of obsessed with the rising startup, then why don’t you approach them relentlessly? Find their CEO on LinkedIn, and connect with him/her. Send a sincere note on how you adore the startup. Tell them about your passion and knowledge about the one-of-a-kind startup. Every CEO would love to work with people who are aware and support their vision.

Many startups are looking over passive candidates. Thus, you need to up the bar by being an offensive job-getter with passion.

  1. Be a ‘master’ of your expertise

Of course, someone else could be the master of your expertise. But, you need to know your skill ecosystem. Backward and forward, inside and out. Do some research to understand the issues about your passion. Make sure it will impress the startup you really want to go after, so that they will be lucky to have you.

  1. Respect yourself

Yes, you want to join the startup so bad, but that doesn’t mean you have to beg them for a position. The idea is to let the startup know that the position is more than just a job for you. However, explain to them your passion and knowledge.

  1. Be curious enough

“What’s up with this new trend? How are you going to handle that?”, or “What are you doing against this thing?”, are the questions that show you are inquisitive. You are genuinely interested in the startup’s point of view and idea. Sure, you’ll be easily charming your way to them. Most candidates only care about themselves, and the benefits they will get. Yet, you prove to them that you are literally different


Follow all of the tips, and land a job at your favourite startup!


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Article contributed by Startup Jobs Asia‘s Team.

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