How to Avoid Burnout in Startup Life

You might have heard, or even feel, that startup life is not easy. Yes, all hands on deck all the time. Both startup founders and employees probably can manage those limitless works. However, burnout is a very real phenomenon.

For startup founders, running a startup can be very challenging. They often compared the burnout to depression. They slowly lost interest in starting new ventures, or pushing the one they have now. Moreover, they still need to encourage their employees to have the same level of commitment.

Here are several tips to avoid burnout in your startup life (for both startup founders and employees):

1. Stick to priorities

All the tasks seem urgent for startup people. However, don’t forget to prioritise. Everyone at your startup could feel the massive burden on their shoulders if there’s no clear to-do lists. Startup founders should never be throwing tasks without realising the stress their employees are under.

Not everyone can do well in everything, especially when they are under too much pressure. Focusing your energy and attention on top priorities will be better than just crossing everything off the list. It will bring out the best impact on your startup.

2. Remember the dream

Doing all the small things everyday sometimes make you forget the startup’s huge dream ahead. Stay focused on your long term goals will help you pull through challenging situations.

It’s better if you imagine the worst case scenario for anything you’re worried about. Make sure you can get psychologically comfortable with it. That way, you can see it as a good challenge than plain fear.

3. Embrace the time with significant others, family and friends

Sometimes, you ‘abandon’ the most important people in your life just to do endless work. When you have free periods, you prefer to spend it alone. It’s good for self-reflection, but don’t do it all the time. Spend time with your loved ones, family, and good friends. They can moderate the ups and downs on your hard startup life.

In fact, they could be a strong support system too. Not only your co-founders or colleagues, people outside the startup can be great listeners. They are also the best people to help you seize the days. Those burnout will be out in no time!

4. Love your body

For some people, burnout can be caused by a huge workload and lack of sleep. Nobody should push their body to their limit. Listen to your body more. Remember to hydrate sufficiently. If you feel sleepy because you only sleep a few hours last night, go take a power nap. Remember, being healthy in mind and body increases efficiency and productivity.

Do all the tips above. Startups don’t need burnout founders and employees!

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Article contributed by Startup Jobs Asia‘s Team.

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