How Startup Hiring is Different

One of the characteristics of a startup is that it’s like hanging on a pendulum swing, one wrong move and the business will swing to failure. And definitely, that will hurt!

The single most important thing startups must take into consideration is attracting and hiring the right people. Recruiting the right people in the first phase of a startup is a prerequisite as this type of business could not afford any errors or delay.

Most of the time, the damage done by not being able to finish a prototype on time can be too costly for a startup who’s making all efforts to bootstrap the business.

The first hires are usually chosen from a very meticulous hiring process, which is fast-tracked at the same time. So, it’s a must that you have a pool of really talented people who can be potential candidates for the job, not only in terms of skills and other qualifications, but will also fit into the startup culture you’re trying to create.

Getting hired in a startup’s initial phase would mean that potential candidates are:

·  Someone who’s willing to learn ANYTHING. Being smart and experienced with online marketing can be a plus, but a multifunctional employee is a way better choice. Someone who can take care of the big things as well as the small ones is always hired. Startups are really different in the sense that they’re looking for someone who are multi-skilled. Any hint during the interview process that a potential hire thrives on structure can be a big minus point for him or her.

·  A person who communicates the same vision and passion with rest of the team, and is bound to have more patience regardless of how messy the startups progress can be. As we’ve mentioned, it’s very important for startups to build a culture that’ll define the type of character it will have. Hiring people aligned with that culture is a necessity from the start.

·  A candidate that hates “no productivity.” Were you able to deliver what’s being set for you to do? Do you have to be monitored all the time? Keep in mind that building a team of experts would also mean keeping out the nonconformists and the intolerant. Becoming more of a liability than an asset will grant you a one way ticket in getting kicked out. In a startup environment, where money and time are both scarce, getting things done is going to be always your order of the day.

The startup’s hiring process will always aim for the best hires at the start, and will not settle for anything less. The employees are the startup’s strongest foundation.

While big and more established corporations will be looking for a candidate with the right sets of skills for a specific role as defined in the company’s manuals, it is not so for startups where roles and job description changes as necessary.

Are you ready to get your first startup hire? What top 3 qualities are you looking for in your candidate? We’d love to know in the comments below.


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Article contributed by Startup Jobs Asia‘s Team.

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