How Do Public Speaking Skills Help Boost a Start-up Career?

What makes for a great leader? If you ask this question to executives, the answer will be one: great communication skill. While innovative and exceptional way of thinking is a must-have value, every startup founder should be able to convey their ideas to a wider audience. And the only way they can do this is by learning the art of public speaking.

Among other skills, public speaking is the most crucial ability if you want to climb the ladder of successful leadership, and thus expand your business reach. In this ever-growing economy, having great ideas means nothing, when you cannot deliver on them well to the world.

At the beginning of your startup career, you will need to meet investors and present your proposals to them. If you do not possess good public speaking skills, your ideas will not reach right to the audiences, which would eventually mean your start-up leads nowhere. Public speaking is the key to successful leadership, as it helps grow your influence to the whole organisation.

Here are top reasons why public speaking is good for a startup career:

1.       Making your views count and noticed

Obviously, public speaking will make your views get counted, noticed and heard. When you stand up and walk to the podium, you will have greater chance to deliver your messages across wider audience. Learning public speaking skill allows you to articulate ideas on your mind into eloquent words, sincere gestures, and earnest attitudes. This way, you can engage with the audience and grasp their attention.

2.       Boost your self-confidence

Are you not much of a talker? Then, don’t worry. When you learn and keep practicing how to speak in public, your self-confidence will boost by itself. So when you tackle your own fears of standing and addressing the crowd, through time you master this challenging skill and build a strong sense of self-confidence along the process.

3.       Connect with more people

Empathy will be the keyword, if you want to connect with more people through public speaking. Being a leader means that you should have great ability to demonstrate empathy, during particular time. Honesty and genuine public speaking skills will help you reach more people, gain their trust and liking.

4.       Improve on your social life

Do you think you are a socially-awkward when in a group? Then public speaking will help you boost your confidence and be just certain of your views. Continuous practice of public speaking skills will help you fall into the habit of being surrounded by different types of people with new views and opinions on subjects, including their new faces as well.

5.       Know yourself better

When you want people to understand the idea you are offering, you have to understand yourself first. What is your motivation? What makes you believe that this idea will succeed? How can you drive change with this idea? Only when you know yourself, you can express your thoughts in better way, too. People will notice when you put passion in your public speaking skills, such that they can relate to their own life.

Public speaking will not only improve your professional career, but also your personal life. No wonder that world-class leaders have always invested both their time and money to develop and sharpen their public speaking skills. If you want to follow the lead, then you should include public speaking as a must-have skill in your training calendar.

Continued advancements in technology has been a great help to make lives easier for newbie to learn this skill. Today, there are copious methods to master the communication skill of speaking bold in public, through workshops, personal coaching, books, CDs, and even online videos. All you need is a strong will to learn accompanied with a keen desire to grow, to seek career in public speaking.