How Being a Remote Startup Employee is a Bliss

More and more startups are hiring remote employees. But, are you sure that you want to be one? Being a remote startup employee is not a piece of cake, like people thought it would be. In fact, there are many challenges you will be facing. Ranging from difficult communications, different time zones, to feeling isolated.

But hey, let’s take a look on the bright side! Plenty researches found that remote workers could be even more productive than usual office workers.

Well, it is not like remote work always trumps office work in terms of productivity. However, some researches suggested that particular kinds of workers are better suited to work remotely. Those jobs are usually solitary, hourly, and the output can be measured, such as developers and proofreaders.

If you are those kind of workers, why not be one? Turns out, being a remote employee, especially for startup, could be a bliss. Here are the reasons why:

  1. You have more time for yourself

Imagine this, if you are working at a physical office, it takes even more time of your life to commute than to be productive. Being a remote employee removes those unproductive times.

Apart from that, some of us are night owls, early birds, or something in between. Indeed, 9-to-5 office hours might not be working well for some people. By being a remote worker, you can set your own working hours, which is a good way to spend your only 24-hour day.

  1. Your personal life is on

Going further from the point number one, you will have more time for you family, friends, and loved ones. Being physically away from your people makes you struggle to maintain the relationships (not to mention those overtimes, night meetings, and office retreats). Everyone have other commitments aside their work.

Luckily, a remote worker will find it easier to meet the people they love. The flexibility to work sure does make it even more possible.

  1. No one can literally control you

For example, no one cares about your working attire, or your loud music while you are working. It is all your choice. Since you are a digital nomad, you also can work anywhere you like. You can work from home today, and work from a cafe tomorrow. This kind of freedom is desired by many bored traditional employees.


Remember, a remote startup worker still needs a strong work ethic and commitment. As much as you enjoy the job, ensure that you meet the deadlines and performances. Hence, you still have to measure and manage your own performance, since most likely no one else would do it for you.

Apart from that, being a remote startup employee is tempting. Do you want to try?


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Article contributed by Startup Jobs Asia‘s Team.

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