Hiring and Building an Awesome Team

There will be some time in your career that you will be entrusted with people and become in charge for them. These people might be your company’s writers, marketers, programmers, engineers and other employees from the other departments within the company.


This experience can be very rewarding from your end and it can boost your morale and confidence. Thus making you more motivated to do your best at work.


However, not all people who were given this opportunity ended up with sweet dreams. There are some who ended waking up with nightmares.


The main problem that a person-in-charge of a team is going to face is the clash of personalities and cultures. Meaning the whole team is having different views on the mission and the vision of the team and the company.


If this is your team and you will handle them for quite some time, how would you come up with happy team members, a happy company, and a happy client at the end of the day?


Here are some pointers to remember for handling a team.

  1. Don’t give them mind games. Never make your team guess on what are your goals and expectations are. Tell them exactly a clear picture of how you want the game to be played. Give them the pros and cons of not being able to hit the target and never assume that everyone in the team already knows what to do and how it works. An ounce of prevention is a whole lot better than a pound of cure, always remember that!
  2. Treat your team as a set of students that needs step by step instructions. In this manner, there will be lesser room for mistakes and more room for improvement.
  3. Don’t be too selfish to give compliments and praise. Your team is the one making it possible for you to reach your goals and also for the company to target its goals. They are working long hours for the company’s welfare. Yes, indeed they are well compensated by the company with a very competitive salary. However, sometimes, it’s not enough. There are some human aspects that can’t be paid like morale. It is one of your main roles as a team leader to keep your team’s spirit high. Give them compliments. Praise them for a job well done. Make them feel that all of their efforts are very much appreciated.
  4. Defend them. No matter how good you are as a leader but if your team delivered some mistakes, well, it will always be your fault. You are held responsible for the team’s performance. Protect them from any client’s or boss’s wrath and motivate them to keep on striving very hard. Let them see the magic of second chances.
  5. Teach them to earn their keep. As the leader, you need to make sure that your members are giving the company good profit. You must not pay someone for doing nothing. Mediocrity is not good in the company. They should earn their keep. Otherwise, fire them. After all, having a good company is a give and take process.


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Article contributed by Startup Jobs Asia‘s Team.

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