Hired at Startup Before You Know It!

Many startups have hidden job vacancies. They don’t post it, because the job might not technically exist yet. All you have to do is tap into it.

In fact, you could get noticed by a startup without even applying. Some people are either hired or dragged into a startup, because the startup founders believe that they are capable in helping to build their startup.

Do you want to be the preferred candidate? Here’s what to do:

  1. Mark the rising startup

News spread fast on startups ecosystem. When a startup got invested or their products are in demand, we will know. If a startup has recently raised money, then it is definitely hiring. Keep them in mind.

  1. Improves your versatility

Unlike corporate, startup workers need to go deep and wide. Startups don’t really want a person who is going to focus 100% on one thing. They have a variety of needs. Before you start looking to working for a startup, make sure that you offer many skills on the table. If a startup gets a good vibe from you and sees that you could contribute to multiple initiatives, it’s more likely to try and create a position for you.

  1. Send constructive criticism to the startup you care about

Any startup would love to hear a feedback from anyone outside their company. And honestly, not a lot of people give them some sort of feedback. If you’re a stranger/acquaintance and gave them the much-needed feedback, then they’ll easily notice you.

Remember, it’s not pure criticism, but make it as constructive as possible. You can start by expressing your admiration to the startup. Thus, you feel something should be improved. The startup most likely will let you connected with an appropriate person to discuss further. After your discussion of how services could be improved, follow up with an email that shifts the topic to your interest in working together in the future (i.e., as an employee). You’ll be the first one they will contact if they have a suitable position for you.

  1. Build a good relationship with startup founders

There are plenty of visionary startup founders around. You don’t need to beg them for jobs. Get know them, be their good friends, and keep in touch! Once their startup gets bigger, they’ll ask for your help. So, describe your specific qualities or experiences to them. They might not even need you to send your CV if there is any job openings at their startup. You would be the one they will approach first.

Now that you figured out the pattern, are you ready to land a startup job before anyone else knows it’s available?


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Article contributed by Startup Jobs Asia‘s Team.

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