Hire Someone Who Believes in the Company’s Mission

Every company is in search of that someone who is a top talent. This clamor for great employees tends to create a sense of urgency for companies to look for them. Well they are looking for a needle in a haystack.


However despite the rarity, some growing companies are making big mistakes of immediately hiring someone yet they are not pretty much sure if the person is the right fit for the job.


Aside from that, another mistake most growing companies do is they’re not taking the time to have their employees develop along the way.


In order to avoid the most common mistakes recruiters of growing companies are doing, here are some tips on how to get those high-quality employees for your company.



Imagine your business as the Dragon Boat and the team of employees is your Dragon Boat team. In order to get your boat going, your team has to row towards one direction at the same time. This is also applicable in running your own company. The team of employees must see the same vision, set the same goals, and set the same expectation. This will enable the team to address errors quickly.


Continue setting the right course.

The role of an employer doesn’t stop from acquiring good quality candidates for the position. It must always continue for the rest of their employment with the company. The employer will always be the one to bring out the best in their employees, reinforcing leadership traits by giving them training, one-on-one coaching, mentorships and conducting surveys to help the employees’ voices be heard. By doing these, strengths and weaknesses will then be identified and this can open a lot of doors for improvement.


Be clear with your values and principles.

Be certain with what you are looking for, what you want to see and where you want to be in the future. By making these clear, you are making your hunt for awesome employees easier.


Establish a commitment for a cultural growth.

Your team grows as the time pass by. Your company culture must do the same.


Practice transparency.

Communication is the most important tool in having a successful team. Whether you are in the process of hiring or just simply having employee feedbacks, establishing a clear line of communication to both parties will ensure that each member is clear with the goals and the visions of the entire company. Through transparency, you will also get a lot of brilliant brain juices from your members to make your team better.


Employee feedback.

You cannot simply deny that in a team, there are some who exert a lot of effort and some who are just getting along with the success contributed by others. By soliciting employee feedback, it can let you know who contributed and who hasn’t. In order for you to stay on track with your goals, conducting regular surveys can help you pinpoint who’s who in your team and also will push your employees to work harder.


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