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Enjoy how a little tweak can perhaps solve an issue? Been interested in coding and looking for new areas to develop yourself further? Want to be part of starting something new?

We have what you are looking for!

Startup Jobs Asia brings you loads of job opportunities in Startups that are just waiting for the right talent to fit! New opportunities are updated every day and you might just find the right one coming along your way sooner than expected!

Here are 4 Startups currently looking for Developers and there’s more in Startup Jobs Asia’s Jobs Portal!



Klinify is looking for an ANDROID PROGRAMMER (KIT KAT KRUNCHER).


Klinify offers doctors an efficient solution to handle patient’s records without changing their practice’s workflow with its intuitive navigation and input design.

What you need?


Be part of something revolutionary. Click here.



SunriseClick is looking for a PHP DEVELOPER.

Who are they?

They are a newly formed e-commerce sporting goods retailer based in Singapore.

Join their team!

If you have a passion for solving the world’s toughest infrastructure problems and equipped with the ability to solve it, welcome aboard!

Of course, there are more about their requirements, click here.


Olympos is looking for IOS APP DEVELOPERS.


They focus on wearable tech R&D for fitness and healthcare systems. They have developed a new product and hoping to further enhance the user experience with an equally unique mobile app.

What’s your role?

You are to develop a Fitness mobile application that will take readings from a Bluetooth device consisting of heart rate, oxygen level in blood, temperature, hydration level, accelerometer and gyroscope.

Ready to take up the challenge? Click here for more info on the job role.



About Them

Profyle is a free geo-location App that lets you know where your friends are and meet new people nearby, providing a real-time view of what’s happening around you.


Where do you come in?

You will be developing the service’s mobile application client for the Andriod mobile platform working with several protocols, including XMPP or SMS.

Click here to understand more.


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