Get More Done Today; Hack Your Schedule.

Many experts have said it, dedicating a time or a day in a week for the week’s review, evaluation and planning is essential to everyone, especially to those who are playing several roles in a day. These are working parents, boss of a company, or an employee that has a lot of extra-curricular activities. This is also a great chance for you to figure out where you’ve been and where you’re headed to. But if you are already accustomed with a habit of carving out time to plan, well, that will be a little bit chaotic.

So for you to be able to break the ice, here are 5 weekly schedule hacks for you to manage your time wisely.


1. Get the proper timing. Having a weekly check can happen any time of the week. However, doing it on a weekend or during a day where you have nothing to do is the best. But most professionals would prefer doing it on a Monday.

Monday is a perfect time to plan and to check what have happened during the previous days. Monday is the start of the work week so planning on this day will be very beneficial for you.

There are some who would prefer doing this on a Friday. Doing a weekly review on this day can give you a lot of worry free time during the weekends. But as I’ve said earlier, doing it any day you are comfortable with is ok as long as you are doing it.


2. Celebrate your accomplishments. If your assessment is telling you that you did a great job for the week, go ahead and celebrate it. You deserve it!

Keeping everything in order despite all the consequences in a week can be very hard. You should give yourself a pat at the back for surviving it! Make a note of everything so that when the same dilemma comes, you definitely know what to do.


3. Stay with your priorities. Since you already know your professional and personal goals, you should already know what comes first, personal or professional life? Everything must be balanced.

As you ready yourself with the next week’s challenges, choose to give up some of your appointments which can be done sometime when you are free. By doing this, you are giving more time to yourself doing more important things.


4. Don’t forget reality. Remember that the week only has 168 hours and you’ll probably be spending some 56 hours of those eating, sleeping, showering – or in other words doing some personal stuff.

Try to plot your activities in a manner that they will squeeze-in in the remaining 112 hours of the week.


5. Do some usual things in advance. Since you have been doing some of the things on a weekly basis, you can do most of them without even batting an eyelash. Why not try doing everything ahead of time so that you will be freeing your calendar with the usuals so that you can squeeze in more different tasks for the week. In this manner, you are not only exceeding your expectations but you are also challenging yourself to be better.


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