Having Fun at Work in Startup Environment: Is it Important?

“Nothing is worth it if you aren’t happy.”

Do you find yourself nodding to this statement? Most people would agree that happiness is an important factor to keep you engaged and motivated in doing anything. And obviously, working is no exception.

Nowadays, having a job is no longer seen as a mere responsibility to meet the demands and needs of life. People are seeking beyond financial security to survive in life. More than paychecks at the end of the month, more people are now aspired to engage in a job role that gives them a sense of fulfilling, enriching, and meaningful life.

According to a study conducted by PwC about Millennials at work, it finds that salary or benefits is not the main factor that influences young talents to accept a job offer. Instead, 65 percent respondents state that an opportunity for personal development is the most attractive element that draws candidates to accept a job offer.

Additionally, the survey also notes that the ‘potential to make a difference in their work life’ becomes a crucial factor to take up a job role for 16 percent Millennials polled in the study. This finding reflects a significant shift in employees’ perceptions about the meaning of happiness at work. While we know that everyone wants to be happy with their job, but should you view ‘having fun at work’ merely as a privilege, or rather an obligation that should be taken into account?

Among many other things, startup is well-known for its fun environment and cool perks. Ping-pong and X-box games could be popular startup icon that represents such value. There are good reasons why founders willing to invest their hard-earned fund to create such comfortable and favourable workplace for the employees.

Having fun at work is often associated with contented and satisfied employees. When your employees are happy, this will enhance their motivation which in turn will increase productivity, reduce work-related stress, and improve task performance. Not to mention, having fun at work also makes good business sense because when there is high productivity, there will be high morale as well. That being said, creating a fun environment where your employees enjoy their work day could be a crucial strategy to retain your best talents.

Here’s several ways you can inject the word ‘fun’ to your workplace:

  1. Look at your company culture

Before anything else, company culture should be the first thing you have to pay attention. If you want your employees to be happy, you should create a positive environment that embraces open communication. Such that the employees can feel comfortable in communicating with founder and collaborating with their co-workers.

  1. Decorate your workspace

Brighten up your office to help brighten up your mood and increase productivity. Be it wall art or beautiful accessories, you can allocate some budget to decorate your workspace.

  1. Celebrate achievement

One of the perk of working at startup is that even the slightest achievement will be visible among co-workers. As a founder, you should take time to celebrate wins by throwing small party and other fun events. You can also build a wall of fame to appreciate your employees’ accomplishment.

  1. Encourage friendship at work

Having friends at work is proven to be an effective booster to keep an employee productive and engaged with the organisation. Therefore, you should encourage friendship between co-workers, such that they can have fun with team.

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