Free Social Media Tools Your Startup Can Leverage

If you are looking for new tools to connect your newly-launched startup with potential customers, then social media is the answer. Reaching out to larger audience? Effective marketing? Cost-saving? Check. Well, is there any reason why you’re not using social media in this digitised world?

Using social media as a part of the business and marketing strategy is no longer a novelty. Rather than a nice-to-have option, social media is seen as must-have priority to build better startup brand. In order to stay abreast of the latest trends and survive in today’s highly-competitive business race, startups should come up with a well-thought social media strategy.

As the name suggests, social media helps your startup to go ‘social’. Employing mainstream social media is proven to be effective to promote your products and services (92 percent) while cultivating customer loyalty (72 percent).

And the best part of it, social media won’t make you drain up your bank account. Rather than paying your hard-earned dollars to marketers, now you can invest your budget on product development. No wonder, social media campaign as part of your growth hack strategy can help you achieve tangible business outcomes in short period of time.

Nevertheless, every startup founder realises the advantages of social media, while many of them fail to harness the power and potentials of it. The biggest and most common mistake in social media marketing is, surprisingly, not having a social media strategy. Setting up a social account could be an easy feat. Yet, maintaining and leveraging it for your startup’s future success, is a different story to tell.

Take a look at the following free social media tools that you can use for your startup advantage:

  1.    Hootsuite

With more than 15 million global users, Hootsuite is one of the most popular platforms for managing social media. It offers simple user interface in the form of dashboard, where you can schedule and control, several social media accounts at once. Hootsuite supports mainstream social media integrations such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Besides 30-day trial, almost all basic features are free.

  1.    Google Analytics

If you have a website or blog, you should make sure that Google Analytics is integrated to your page. Google Analytics will help you know your website hits, your actual visitor statistics, where they come from, and even how long they stay on your site and so on. Offering custom dashboard that can suit your needs, Google Analytics is amongst the most-used built-in social media analytics.


You can use to see how many clicks you get from third-party sites. is a link management platform that generates shortened link. Google Analytics can help you know who’s clicking on your website directly. However, also helps you track who’s clicking your links, from other sources that’s not on your site.

  1.    Buffer

With Buffer, you can schedule posting content easily to all social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+, and even Facebook groups. What makes Buffer cool is that, it can track your follower activity through the data stored on your account.

By analysing patterns, it helps you determine the right time to schedule posts that will optimise your exposure. There are several packages offered by Buffer, including individual (free), small ($50 per month), medium business ($100 per month), and large business ($250 per month).

  1.    Tailwind

If you run a startup focusing mainly on the creative industry, then you might need to engage on Instagram and Pinterest. Known as the best tool to generate more traffic to your site, Tailwind could help enhance your visual marketing on Pinterest and Instagram. You can use Tailwind to find and schedule content, monitor your brand, and check the analytics.

Now it comes back to you. What are your favourite social media tools? Get social and share with us!