21 Free & Low-Budget Email Marketing Service Providers 

 21 Free & Low-Budget Email Marketing Service Providers 

How’s your email marketing going, entrepreneurs? We have discussed plenty of marketing ideas, tips and tricks in our marketing article series. In this article, we will cover free and low-budget email marketing service startups and SMEs can use. 

Why use an email marketing service? 

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing strategies for startups and SMEs because it is easy to manage, gives you full control, and allows you to establish direct contact with customers. 

As vital as email marketing is for a business, a successful email marketing strategy depends on your chosen marketing software. You might end up paying a lot more money for fewer marketing features if you are not careful when choosing a marketing service provider. You might also deal with terrible service and poor email deliverability rates which causes you to lose even more money and/or customer’s engagement. 

What are the characteristics of a good email marketing service? 

Reliable email marketing providers should enable you to create a highly engaging newsletter with an easy interface, ideally a drag-and-drop editor. They should also provide an easy way to send bulk emails that are actually personalised and targeted to your audiences. Moreover, the email marketing service must make it easy to manage your contact list and track the performance of your email marketing campaign. Most importantly, the providers should provide deliverability and successful rate insights on your email newsletters so they do not end up in the spam folders. 

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Best pick email marketing services for startups and SMEs 

Let’s take a look at some of the best yet free and low-budget email marketing service providers: 

1. MailerLite (free) 

MailerLite empowers you to create professional campaigns from start to finish as their software is designed for all skill levels. MailerLite also provides custom landing pages, forms and pop-ups, drag-and-drop editor, and pre-designed templates to create engaging newsletters. 

2. Mailchimp (free)

Mailchimp provides AI-powered user-friendly tools anyone can use to be successful.  Mailchimp puts the audience at the centre so you can send marketing emails and automated messages, create targeted ad campaigns, build landing pages, send postcards, facilitate reporting and analytics, as well as sell online. 

3. Sender (free up to 2500 subscribers and send 15 emails/month) 

Sender has plugins for the most popular content management systems. Video gets converted into animated GIFs inside emails. The analysis tools include click maps and Google Analytics, so you can track all your metrics effectively. Sender also gives you pointers on how to optimise your subject lines. 

4. Zoho Campaigns (free up to 2000 subscribers, 12000 emails/month) 

Zoho is one of the popular free options for email marketing service providers. They provide pre-designed templates, layouts, and the drag-and-drop editor to help entrepreneurs set up an interesting and engaging campaign. Zoho Campaigns comes packed with features like dynamic content, email polls, A/B testing, and automated list segmentation to help you send personalized messages to your audience.

5. Omisend (free up to 15000 emails/month or 2000/day) 

Omisend’s free plan is a steal and the upgrades are rather flexible. The eCommerce integrations instantly pull products you want to sell into the email. It also has creative signup forms like pop-ups, landing pages, and a wheel-of-fortune game. 

6. Constant Contact ($20.month) 

Constant Contact has been trusted by SMEs, agencies, franchise, corporate networks, and developers for over 20 years. They have a partnership solution that can be a one-size-fits-all solution for your marketing campaign. Constant Contact provides services including custom design, selling products, free setup, domain name, logos, and more. 

7. Sendinblue (free) 

Sendinblue covers nearly the entire marketing funnel, such as marketing automation, email marketing, SMS marketing, chat, Facebook Ads, CRM, and for sending transactional messages via email and SMS. Sendinblue has also developed an Enterprise solution, a custom plan tailored to suit your needs and scale with your business. 

8. Robly ($19/month) 

Robly is an extremely useful platform for email marketing and helps its users raise statistics. Robly can help identify 35 percent of your anonymous website traffic and add their contact record to your list. No other marketing service has this technology in their campaign. 

9. Campaign Monitor ($9/month) 

Campaign Monitor gives options for its users to send personalised emails, creating a reliable channel to grow engagement with subscribers. They also provided templates, drag-and-drop builder, and engagement-based segmentation to deliver targeted content. 

10. Moosend (free) 

From start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, thousands of businesses around the globe use Moosend to engage their email subscribers and grow their businesses. With Moosend you can easily manage multiple email campaigns and mailing lists, as well as design and send striking, responsive newsletters that are created on the built-in campaign editor. Upgrade your marketing campaigns with intelligent email automation, personalization tags, landing pages, and subscription forms.

11. OpenMoves OM3 (free up to 300 emails/month) 

OpenMoves OM3 has the easiest drag-and-drop functionality to create mobile-responsive email templates, automated drip campaigns, lead scoring, segment users based on behaviour, and much more. Advanced features include cart and browse abandonment, PipeDrive, Salesforce and MS Dynamics integration as well as Magento, Shopify and many more. 

12. Snov.io (free) 

Snov.io has perfect CRM for efficient contact management and powerful cold outreach. You can also find more convertible leads, verify contacts, track your lead’s progress, and automate cold outreach. Snov.io saves your sales team’s time and improves your revenue with personalized automated outreach and over 2000 integration options.

13. Elastic Email ($15/month for up to 5,000 contacts) 

With an SMTP Relay, robust HTTP API, intuitive user interface, 24/7 global support, and pricing designed with small businesses in mind, Elastic Email encourages and supports you in creating and sending your email campaigns. The service also uses the power of a comprehensive set of modern tools and smart solutions to scale your business and build deeper relationships with your customers.

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14. SendPulse (free) 

SendPulse Al is an integrated messaging platform with the “Artificial Intelligence” system and Personalisation, enabling users to communicate with all devices by Email, SMS, Web push, SMTP etc. Clients using SendPulse Al regularly see 50 percent to 100+ percent increases in engagement metrics including click-through-rates, page views, time on site and conversions.

15. Gist (free) 

Gist is a suite of tools businesses use to market, sell and communicate with their customers. Gist offers a universal inbox to streamline social channel inquiries, a very powerful live chat and chatbot with a great UX for the user, powerful event tracking and automation rules. 

16. MoonMail (free up to 300 emails/month) 

With MoonMail, you can easily create and design successful email marketing campaigns. MoonMail provides a comfortable and clean way to analyse your success and performance through clear metrics, reports, and statistics. MoonMail allows you to customize and adapt your message using their Template Library; create custom design with drag-and-drop template engine; add images, social media icons, and logos; monitor and track your performance and analyse the success of your campaigns; compare data from your previous campaigns; and choose a multilingual dashboard, enabling you to understand your results better.

17. Amazon SES ($0.10/ 1000 emails) 

Amazon SES increases the probability for an email to hit a client mailbox and not the spam directory, as it provides DKIM signage for all calls. With DKIM help, you can send top-quality e-mails without caring about firewalls as much as possible. Also, high confidence messages are provided by this tool. It makes it pretty simple to require emails from the complete domains to be sent. 

18. Totango (free) 

With a data-driven approach, Totango creates a comprehensive and shareable profile of the customer, turning customer information into actionable insights. TotangoSpark breaks down the customer lifecycle into simple, easy-to-manage stages that let companies prioritise their processes to hit the goals that drive growth for their organisation.

19. Remarkety (free) 

With Remarkety you can segment and target your customers, based on retail data, real-time online shopping behaviour including online & offline purchases. Remarkety combines eCommerce data, shopping behaviour and predictive algorithms to deliver effective campaigns that increase LTV and optimize conversion rate.

20. Benchmark (free up to 250 emails/month) 

Benchmark does not take much time to craft email marketing using their drag-and-drop email builder. Users can also easily custom code their emails. The email automation options include welcome emails, abandoned carts, and follow-ups. Polls and surveys are included and you can receive tools for A/B testing. Benchmark can also be integrated with hundreds of apps. 

21. HubSpot (free) 

On top of the free email tool, you can use the HubSpot CRM for free to create tailored touch-points for your customers. HubSpot Email is automatically connected with the HubSpot CRM, so you can tailor relevant emails based on any details you have, such as form submissions and website activity. HubSpot also has a drag-and-drop email builder and tool for email reporting analytics; hence you can learn how to send more relevant and optimised emails to your audience.

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