The Five Most Wanted Skills for Startup in 2018

Are you fresh graduates who want to start your career with meaningful work? Or are you an experienced veteran bored with corporate life and wants to try new things? Then why not try to jump in the world of startup and enjoy the privilege of changing your formal tie and suit into t-shirts and shorts when working in the office?
Working at startup might seem like a risky move. On the one hand, startup often begins from the founder’s idealist project that cannot offer stability or financial security. However, startup can be a great stepping stone in your career path, especially if you can demonstrate an effort to develop a business from scratch. After all, global business giants such as Facebook and Alibaba also came from small startup team, right?
If you are interested in being a part of the startup team and staying long in it, you should know if you need to hone your current skills or even learn another skills to fit in. Below, we share five most in-demand skills for startup in 2018. Check it out:
Software Engineering
Most startups today are dealing with technology, which explains why they require people who can devise, develop, and analyse the software system to serve the client’s needs. No wonder if you have skills in the IT field, you will have no trouble in landing a job in startup. Some of the jobs you can choose if you have skills in software engineering are front-end developers, back-end developers, and full-stack developers. Meanwhile, to ensure that the software develops well, people with skill in software quality assurance (SQA) are also in high demand.
Digital Marketing
Have a competent trading skill? Then you are indispensable at startup. To expand and develop a startup, a reliable marketer is highly needed to promote a product or service. A startup will go nowhere without the one who handle the web with marketing content, promotion strategy, and social media publication. If you have skills in digital marketing, you will have an important role in ensuring that the startup sales target can be met.
Content Creation
A website or application that offers a product or service will mean nothing if there is no helpful contents that explains the function, benefits, and information about the products. Therefore, if you have the skills in writing contents, video editing, photo, audio, or even the compilation of them, you should not worry about your future employment as startup will always need your helping hands.
Product Management
As startup develops and expands the market by spawning new products and inventions, they need someone who is able to manage all the processes in it. Starting from making product prototype and planning to preparing a practical business strategy, a product manager must be able to ensure that the product or service offered has the power to sell and be accepted by the public. No wonder then this skill becomes one of the most sought after.
Data Analytics
This skill is crucial in supporting organisations to make important business decisions by analysing the data collected in the system. Although a startup might only have few data, this is not a problem as data analysts can offer possible solutions even with very few data. The job of data analysts can be as simple as counting the average amount of website user per day, but it also can be as complex as collecting data about the things needed by the users.
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