Five Recommendations of Year-End Holiday Plans from Successful Founders 

Five Recommendations of Year-End Holiday Plans from Successful Founders 

Following the “New Year, New Me” vibe, where do you usually spend your holiday?  

No entrepreneur wants to fall in the same hole twice. This explains why most people who run a business will spend their holiday working harder to reform and rebuild their brands that might not flourish in the past year. However, that is not necessarily what a holiday should be. According to many entrepreneurs and founders, the holiday should be spent with more meaningful activities than just building business and making more money. 

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What to do, then? Here are some suggestions to make the most of your holiday season as an entrepreneur. 

Don’t forget your family or friends

Amidst their busy schedules, many successful founders prefer to spend Christmas and New Year holiday with their beloved wife, children, or parents. Kean Graham, the founder at MonetizeMore, told Cloudways that holiday is the best opportunity to unwind, spend some quality time with family. Your business is important, but it is not more important than your health and family relationships. But if you live far from your family, you can always spend quality time with your beloved friends. Get in touch and build a stronger bond. 

Spend time to do your hobby

Christmas and New Year are usually the busiest days for retailers and entrepreneurs to meet consumers’ demand. When the season ends, there will be more free time as business is back to a normal routine. So, why not refresh yourself to do something you like such as reading, skydiving, travelling, jungle exploration, or connecting to nature more? These hobbies will not only make you healthier but also help you become more creative. 

Thank everyone 

Brenda Della Casa, the founder of BDC Digital Media, said that giving a thank note on holiday, especially year-end, is so relieving and can build a stronger relationship with clients. So, why not try, right? You can begin your new journey after the end of the year by sending thank you and appreciating every little chance your client has given you. Email them or send them a letter to show your best gratitude. 


Another great tip to spend your holiday is to look back at what you’ve done in each quarter of every year. Dmytro Okunyev, the founder at Chanty, plans to always do a retrospection to see what goals were not achieved and why his team failed to achieve the goal. He usually sits with his team and resets the goals for the year ahead by looking at the data of the past years. 

Create a new to-do list 

If you are an early startup founder, the goal of creating more and achievable to-do list for the following year is recommended. You can combine this recommendation with a retrospection to initiate things that you should be doing in the future to create better sales, get more clients, and generate better ROI. 


What do you usually do on year-end holiday? 

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