Entrepreneurs with Down Syndrome Leading Successful Business

More and more individuals with Down syndrome are taking active participation in business and workplace. They prove to be hard-working and even talented individuals despite their learning disabilities and capability. In this World Down Syndrome Day which is celebrated on March 21, let us show you that people with Down syndrome matters and how successful they can be in the business world. Here are some examples of organisation led by individuals with Down syndrome:

01   John Cronin

John’s Crazy Socks is a father-son venture inspired by co-founder John Cronin. He is a young man with Down syndrome who loves making people smile. Their company mission is to spread happiness worldwide. John said, “We have a social mission and a retail mission, and they are indivisible. We want to show what is possible when you give someone a chance.” Check out his retail to meet John and get full story of his life.

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02   Collette

A young individual with Down syndrome who has been creating her own recipe for cookies successfully open up a business in bakery named as Collettey’s. Before founding the company, Collette was turned down in many job interviews. In her young age now, she already employs more than 13 individuals with disabilities and speak frequently about how disability community is often overlooked.

03   Megan Bomgaars

Megan, founder of Megology, is a well-knowN self-advocate with Down syndrome. She is also an artist and public speaker. She proves that having learning disability does not stop her from achieving a successful life. Her love of story sharing brings her to travel across country giving keynote speaker and presentation on a variety of topics.

04   Bitty Wright & Beau Wright

Bitty and Beau’s Coffee is more than just a cup of coffee. Bitty and Beau, Wright’s youngest children, both have Down syndrome. Yet, they continue to show talent and grow their business in coffee shop. They already have 3 branches with more than 60 people with intellectual and developmental disability employees.

05   Joe Steffy

Founder of Poppin Joe’s Gourmet Kettle Korn, Joe Steffy is a young adult with Down syndrome who wanted to have his own business. Inspired and thrive to build up his success despite his disability, Joe proves that the only limit is when we decide to give up. With support of his family, Joe successfully own a corn business. You can find Joe’s kettle korn in Walmart.    

There are more stories of successful employee and business founder with autism or Down syndrome. You can learn more about their success stories who becomes successful designers, customer service representatives, business owners and more at National Down syndrome Society.

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