Enjoy the Process to the Finale of Apps Development?

These Startups WANT U!

Do you have a passion for creating apps? Spending countless hours perfecting that new app that you had just created? Turn your passion into your job! Startup Jobs Asia brings you opportunities to let your creative juices flow!

These jobs are the icing on the cake! Currently, Startup Jobs Asia’s Jobs Portal has a total of 392 techie positions available! New opportunities are available every day!  (Remember to check frequently for the latest openings!)

Now let’s move on!


PINATA Studios is looking for a C# iOS Android Developer (Unity 2D/3D).

Who are they?

Pinata is a Web, App & SEO specialist company based in Singapore.  They do boutique designer website for corporate clients but also develop their own games.  They have had a good year and now they are looking to expanding their game development team into the UNITY engine sphere. As what they said, “We have a great team and we’re looking to make it better!”

Sounds exciting? If you are a self-motivated and dedicated soul that walk (or run) towards the creation of apps that makes a difference, continue to read on!

What skills do you need?

EVERYTHING!!! Just kidding! You are to be familiar with C# and BONUS POINTS if you have knowledge in UNITY development.

Click here to find out more.


Save the world and enjoy a Kit Kat with klinify! They are finding a suitable (are you the one?) KIT KAT ENGINEER (ANDRIOD).

Maybe the name card that you will have really does says ‘KIT KAT ENGINEER’.

Heard of them?

klinify offers their clients an efficient solution to handle patient records without changing their practice’s workflow, making life easier with its intuitive navigation and input design. Thus, allowing their clients to focus on giving patients all the attention and care they need without having to worry about the technology.


A self-drive person that loves to explore and take initiative. Someone who wouldn’t be intimidated by even the most monstrous of challenges!

Let them know you are the one that will make a difference and knock their socks off!

Click here for more info.


If you love developing iOS stuff… YOU ARE WANTED by KIVthis.

Do You Know…

KIVthis is an app that allows consumers to tap their smartphone on a NFC tag, and they are able to do all of the above and more. KIVthis is also a solution for merchants to enhance shoppers in-store experience.

Be Part of the TEAM!

Passion. It always boils down to passion. With, experience in Objective-C, X-Code and developing iOS applications. Familiarity with QRcode, NFC, iBeacon and Android will be a plus.

Their benefits also include stock options and many more!

Click here and you will be on your way in grabbing this opportunity!


Sounds Yummy.

PicoCandy is building the first of a kind platform for content owners around the world to distribute, share and promote their digital content via mobile and across the Web.

And they are looking for a Mobile Engineer/Lead (Android & iOS).

And you are to…

Architect and write the core features of their mobile SDK, develop iOS and Android frameworks. These are some of the responsibilities that you will be taking upon. I’ll jot down 1 more for you. You get to work with an amazing team of UI and UX designers who knows how to design a WOW experience for mobile users.

With at least 2 years of experience in developing software for mobile applications or devices, 4 years of experience for Lead positions accompanying with a deep understanding of Android and iOS SDK…

If you hit the first 3 points listed above, you are good to go and read on further here.


Lastly, just a gentle reminder! Startup Jobs Asia has nearly 400 techie positions available! Take a peek here.


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