7 Elements of Best-Selling Product for Startups

7 Elements of Best-Selling Product for Startups

Building great products is no easy feat. Winning clients’ hearts can even be more challenging. But with great products, it will help attract users and consumers. Not to mention, information regarding great products typically spread widely in a short time. Such products are used often and eventually become habits for the users. If you want to nurture a product that will have great impacts, here are some qualities you should consider in your product development.

1- Telling a story 

Most successful products do not only sell service or the product itself. Successful products create strong narratives about the way their features come together instead of the features themselves. For example, TikTok goes beyond being a video-sharing app, it also enables people to connect with each other and share their greatest moments with friends. Evernote is not only a notepad to save daily schedules, but it can also be a “user’s brain in the cloud system” as it helps to streamline documentation. 

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2- Valuable and useful 

Some products only focus on the moment, thus they will not prosper when the consumer’s needs change. If you want to create a product that lasts for generations, make sure you create useful and valuable products. For example, products that can solve the world’s problems like environments, privacy issues, cyberthreats, etc.   

3- Innovative 

Technological development always offers new opportunities for innovation. Innovation itself can be as simple as designing a new way to shop or removing unnecessary features to enhance functionality. 

4- Simple and user-centric 

In the development of great products, it should always focus on simplicity and users because if you come up with something new, you want the users to get it fast. In addition, the world is full of distraction and overflow where users crave for simplicity. 

5- Intuitive and handy

Intuitive design makes the experience natural and creates less frustration from learning to use something new, which users would easily enjoy. The product you create should also be handy, thus increasing the adoption of the product. 

6- Aesthetic 

Marx Gomez described in his book that the aesthetic of a product is integral to its usefulness because products we use every day affect users’ wellbeing. But only well-executed objects can be beautiful. 

7- Great support 

Creating great products but putting aside great service is just like diving in the deep ocean without diving equipment. People love the experience of using great products and they also love being treated well. Consequently, consumers and users will get excited about the product and recommend it to their friends. Great support could be a major selling point for your startups. 

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