Does Founder Need to be Tech Savvy?

In this fast paced tech-savvy corporate world, it is natural for the tech-savvy people to have an edge over other entrepreneurs because it gives them the power of visualizing what will work more effectively and what will not and how to broaden the sales and marketing horizon with the help of technology more efficiently, something which just a B-school graduate won’t be able to grasp that easily or deeply. Software updates are being released every week and over 20,000 mobile and tablet apps are being released every month. It is important to understand this technological landscape and its link with the corporate and overall revenue structure, else the whole business analogy might get weaken or loose and the competitors will not hesitate in taking the advantage of this lost grip. A tech savvy entrepreneur or founder would be able to understand how to use technology to the company’s advantage and how to make the company adapt well with the globally changing technological environment, which other less tech savvy entrepreneur would not be able to implement efficiently, even after understanding the importance of technology. So, here are the reasons why the founder needs to be tech-savvy for your better understanding –

·  Understanding the technology well helps in devising a tech based strategy that is in line with the overall corporate vision and also helps in digesting the emerging technology that will help in building strong and flexible business structure and profitable plan.

·  When the owner is tech savvy, it helps in building a technology friendly company and hence, the overall culture, performance and efficiency of the company and its employees become fast paced, swift and easy. It develops a tech friendly company and the word that goes out, helps in building the brand image as well. If the owner understands the tech language, the employees knows what the employer wants from them and hence the demand and supply chain becomes seamless and swift.

·  Understanding the pipeline of delivery makes a lot of difference in how efficiently the staff is working. If you are the owner and you know in-depth details of your product and its constituents, you will be able to identify what is working and what is not and what are the loopholes and where and hence, take the corrective measures to sharpen the platform and the product for the audience. If you don’t know your product from the ground up, you will have to rely on the employees for the minutest of details and varied information and have to work according to their vision and do know that the vision of an employee for the company will differ, generally, from that of the owner. And, hence the acceleration towards success might not be as you want.

·  When your products and company is based on technology and you are tech savvy, you will be able to understand the customer’s point of view more effectively and therefore, be able to make the changes necessary to make your customer’s experience more efficient and seamless. You will be able to provide better customer service and this customer oriented approach will be able to help you take your company to a higher level easily, while providing you with that much needed competitive edge that you are looking for in a tight competitive market.

·  As a tech savvy founder, you will be the no-nonsense boss and you will know your way around the product from the very basic level and hence, you will also be able to help recruit the best of the people and hence, recruiting the smarter and more talented people than you, will also help in a building a better and more efficient company.

·  Less dependability. When you are tech savvy, you will not actually have to depend on anyone to get the answers you are looking for because you will be able to yourself determine what went right and what went wrong. It is not easy to understand the tech or coding language if you are a newbie in the tech world but if you know it, you can be sure that it won’t be easy to fool you as well. You will be able to have a futuristic vision that is in line with the growth and the goal of the company.

·  As a tech savvy founder, you would be able to use the internet to your advantage in the most effective way and by that it means, you will be able to leverage on the benefit, the internet provides to increase the revenue. Use of website, social media, search engine optimization, developing easy to navigate site, customizing the user’s experience on the company’s internet venue and so much more. With the supervision of a tech savvy owner, all of this can be customized and made effective and easier.

So, in a shell, it can be said that it is actually necessary for the startup of a tech company to be tech savvy and even if your company is not tech based, being tech savvy helps in accelerating the growth of the company in this tech savvy global environment, where more sales are happening online and people are buying products and services on the go, from their mobiles and tablets. Having the basic or pro level understanding of how the tech world operates at the ground level makes it easier for the company to be futuristic in its planning as well as vision and hence, it becomes much easier to reach the set goals.


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Article contributed by Startup Jobs Asia‘s Team.

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