The Difference between Entrepreneur and Businessman

Do you want to be an entrepreneur, or a businessman? What differs between them, anyway? Oftentimes, people use these two terms interchangeably as they have similar meanings.  In fact, there is a slight difference between both.

Before further discussion, let’s take a look at the table below.

Table taken from

In the table above, it is clearly shown that businessmen will always start a business from an existing idea or concept. They usually adopt an idea which is highly in demand that can make huge profits for them. Therefore they care more about profit, hiring people to increase business productivity, and are a market player.

Moreover, businessmen are not risk taker because they like to play and stay safe. However, even though the risk is low, they still will face tough competition of hundred rivals as they only adopt from existing ideas. They are a realist who also love to sell products rather than make their own product. ‘Their main objective is to generate revenue by employing the human, financial and intellectual resources.’

On the other hand, entrepreneurs will start a business from his own unique idea or concept. Usually, an entrepreneur is a person who ‘conceives a unique concept to start an enterprise and brings it to reality.’ Most of them usually become founders or co-founders of some new business projects. The example of successful entrepreneurs are Bill Gates the founder of Microsoft, Larry Page the co-founder of Google, Steve Jobs the co-founder of Apple, and Mark Zuckerberg the co-founder of Facebook.

Entrepreneurs focus on cooperation, innovative, and revolutionary. They love adventures and risks. They are more accountable and are people oriented. They hire people to give them opportunities to grow together, and to make them more productive. They are a market leader as well as a thinker.

In conclusion, you might say that “All Entrepreneur is Businessperson, yet all Businessperson is NOT entrepreneur.” Businessman is caring to selling and gaining profits while entrepreneur is more like an adventurer, organizer, risk taker, and also a manager at the same time.

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