Developers Alert!

You are in for a SWEET chance!

How those tiny coding that looks pure boring turns out to be so amazing? The satisfaction you get is not only amazing… It’s AWESOME. If you are someone that is creating such amazing ‘effects’, continue to read on.

But firstly, a little reminder! Startup Jobs Asia brings you loads of such opportunities that are just waiting for the right talent to fit! New opportunities are updated every day, for you to get hold of and land yourself in what might be your next dream job.

What is keeping you from it? Let’s move on!



TheSmartLocal is looking for a PHP WEB DEVELOPER.

Who are they?

TheSmartLocal is an independently owned media property that covers Travel and Lifestyle in Singapore. It gives Singaporeans high quality information on what to do in and out of Singapore. It is one one part blog/magazine with editorial content and one part review database where members can have their say about everything in Singapore.


You must have a LOVE for technology.

Of course, there is more. Find out here.



Are you AMAZING enough for Novatap? They are looking for THE AMAZING DEVELOPER.

Heard of them?

Novatap is a tech startup that focuses on Technology Automation for People.

dockPHP is a first-of-a-kind developer tool that helps all website developers and designers in reducing their development time by up to 90% via using a visual programming approach and merging their development and testing with visual programming.

Their IDEAL Developer

You have to have the ultimate passion in development.

And yes, there is more.

Click here for more info.



RUBY DEVELOPERS alert! Tinkerbox Studios is looking for you!

Do You Know…

Tinkerbox Studios is software development house in Singapore that champions best practices in our craft. We serve startups and innovation teams with a cross-functional team of designers and developers that they can scale up and down on demand.

Be Part of the TEAM!

Bonus points!!! If you know how to work non-relational stores such as MongoDB, Redis etc; even more points for knowing when not to use them.

More info just a click away!

Click here and you will be on your way in grabbing this opportunity!



Skill Ministry is looking for a PHP DEVELOPER.

Intro please!

Skill Ministry is the easiest way to discover and learn new experiences. Featuring an extensive database that hosts activities from the most alluring yoga workshops to the craziest go-karting circuits, they bring people the trendiest activities and experiences to help them level up that skill of theirs.


And you are to…

  • Enhance and manage our web platform
  • Choose to work from home or at our office located in the city
  • Party and work with our talented and energetic team
  • Tap on our networks and experience to learn and build your career
  • Receive attractive compensation packages ranging from allowance, options, profit-sharing and others in-kind.

Yep. I highlighted the ‘PARTY’ word. =P Read on further here.




TripZilla is looking for an IOS ANDRIOD MOBILE DEVELOPER.

Heard of them?

They build technology for better travel experience and to get more people travelling. That’s because they  firmly believe that travel is a luxury worth spending on!


Be one of them!

It’s all about passion and good attitude. If you are also a quick learner, better still!

Click here to find out more now!


Last but not least, just a gentle reminder! Startup Jobs Asia has lots of opportunities waiting for their right talent fit! Take a peek here.


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