Creating a Company Culture That Attracts Talents

Being united in aim and having the same attitude towards goal attainment is helpful, most especially in situations towards reaching a company’s goals and objectives. Thus, it’s very important for companies to find the right people and attract the right talents. Anyway, birds of the same feather fly together, right?

Now, most employees love a company that fosters a friendlier, non-conformist business environment, as can be seen in most startups – where you can come to work in your regular jeans and shirts. Anyway, it’s the employee’s talents and skills that really matter.

In order to do just that – that is, attract the right employee, one must display the right kind of culture that your company would want to have.

Here are 6 tips to get you started in attracting the right people to work in your company:

·  Create a culture where everyone has an important role. Set goals for each member and enumerate your expectations to keep them on their toes to meet that. This also helps employees, and the management, see their progress and analyze the areas they need to improve on to hit their metrics.

·  Do not be a stranger. Keep a homey feel within the office, show to them you have an open line of communication and let the team know the real person behind the boss. Maintaining an “open door policy” is always a great idea to start this. Having some time to bond with them and just have fun may also be done occasionally.

·  Never tighten your grip too much when it comes to employee requests. Create a culture that will convey a message that you value your employee’s interests, and the employees will reward you with more gratitude and hard work. Let them have fun activities at work. This has proven time and again to increase their productivity.

·  Encourage a healthy discussion of ideas. Be a catalyst for creativity while keeping the competition friendly. In the first tip, we encouraged you to have an open door policy, now, make sure that when your employees  come to talk to talk to you about an idea, make sure not to shoot it down without any careful thought first.

·  You’ll know who your kind is and who’s not during your first conversation with a potential new hire. When you see them, hire them. You will enjoy their company and they would feel the same. While first impressions may prove to be untrue from time to time, always looks for signals – hand gestures, choice of words, eye to eye contact, which can give a potential candidate away.

·  Have a handsome incentive scheme. Being rewarded and recognized is the driving force of an employee. It gives them validation and inspiration to work even harder. This may be in the form of monetary or non-monetary rewards. Or both.

What are your company’s rules that worked when it comes to hiring the right people? We’d definitely love to know in the comments below!


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Article contributed by Startup Jobs Asia‘s Team.

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