Cracking the Startup Job Interview in UAE

For along time, UAE has been known as the ‘import economy’.The country is known to import products from successful brands by other countries. However, over the years things have changed. You can now see some great home-grown ideas, seeking to solve localized problems faced by the market, taking shape in the country.

People are realizing the entrepreneurial potential of the UAE and are more inclined towards building a business on their own.

Hence, the number of startups have increased in the UAE. Cities such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi are blessed with a flourishing startup scene. With the tremendous support received from seed investors and the government, the number of startups is expected to rise in the region.

Looking at the popularity, most job seekers today aspire to join a startup. However, it is not easy and takes a lot more than just educational qualification and skills. It requires one to have the right attitude. If you are appearing for startup job interview in the UAE (country specific here), here are a few questions you must first ask yourself, before sitting across the interviewer to answer their questions:

Q1. Are you open to learning?

Ask yourself, when was the last time you learned something new. It doesn’t necessarily have to be related to your field of work. It could be something that is slightly different from your work profile also. When you join a startup, it is not necessary that you will have a well-defined job role. You may be required to take up work that is beyond your current role and need you to learn some new skills to perform your job better. Demonstrate your willingness to learn new skills during the job interview and the interviewer will definitely consider your candidature.

Q2. Are you flexible?

Are you open to new experiences? These are some trivial questions aspiring job seekers must ask themselves before applying for a job at a startup firm. That’s because, over a period of time, startup employers may ask their star employees to contribute their views and thoughts on things totally unrelated to their primary job role.

If you stick for long and add value to the company, you may be asked to take up some new work projects also. For examples, employees with a technical background may be asked to look into marketing efforts. Therefore, employers look for people who are flexible and open to the possibility of new experiences.

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Q3. Are you passionate?

Startup employers are passionate about their business ideas and expect the same from their employees. They don’t want to hire people who just want the job. They look for employees who share the same passion as them for their products, services and ideas. Even if you are passionate about being a part of the startup industry, that will work.

All you have to do is to make a personal connection with the employer on some level during the interview in order to help them see you as a potential candidate.

The best way to demonstrate your passion is to use their product and talk about its good and bad aspects during the interview. Do your homework well before appearing for the interview. It will convince them, that you are genuinely interested in working with them.

Q4. Are you an innovative thinker?

Startup companies are faced with a lot of uncertainties. Many times employees have to take on-the-spot decisions without the luxury of discussing it with their seniors. At times, it may so happen that they will have to work in the absence of money, the right team and other resources required, and yet satisfy the needs of their clients.

Therefore, it requires people who can help the company sail through tough times. Startup employers in the UAE, value people who can turn vagueness and intricacies into creativity and innovation. They look for problem solvers who will go to any lengths to find a solution, no matter how impossible the problem may seem. Startups are looking for employees who are flexible and passionate.

They are basically more interested in building a strong team of people, who will stick with the business for the long haul. If you do possess the above-mentioned qualities, then you are definitely a startup material. Just showcase these qualities in your answers to the interview and bag the best job offer at a startup, you always aspired to be a part of. All the best!

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