Coolest Perks: Why You Should Work for These Startups!

Today’s job seekers, especially millennials are mindful when looking for their dream jobs. Conventional companies with strict working hours and binding rules to obey are no longer appealing but rather, a flexible workplace which offers unique perks are becoming trending. Such companies had successfully intrigue many job seekers in joining their team. Sometimes, despite offering a lower salary package.

When it comes to being flexible and having fun perks, Startups seem to be the best option to work rather than some corporate companies. The young-spirited industry believes that great talents are great assets to the company. Therefore, many startups are competing to create the most appealing and engaging workplace for their employees to attract the best-fit talent!

Here are 8 Startups in Singapore with cool perks you would want to know about:




Jewel Paymentech offers intelligent risk solutions for the banking and electronic payment industry. According to SWIFT, this startup company elevates to be one of the most promising FinTech companies in Asia.

To boost the overall startup performance, it delivers significant attempts to nurture its’ employees. These perks will surely pop your eyes out! Let’s take a look…

Fun Work Environment. Employees won’t miss the most update movies, as the startup allocates monthly movie night and quarterly team building activities.

Realistic Work Hours. Working at 9.30am, employees are well-prepared on both their physical and mental energies to work optimally till the end of the day.

Holiday Incentive. One greatest benefit every employee would wish for: Annual Holiday Reward.

Unreal Annual Leave. The annual leave packages go way beyond industry norms, so you just got to find out yourself!

Gym & Pool. These two cool facilities keep employees fit and healthy. Feeling lethargic? Hit the gym!

Health Plan. All employees are provided with a health insurance coverage.

Dental Plan. Not only in concern for your health and well-being but they care for your teeth as well!

Lots of Snacks and Food. Feeling a little hungry but can’t get away from your desk to buy some food? No worries. They got you covered.

2. Call Levels


The startup focuses on one key aspect of the investment strategy: staying up-to-date with movements of the financial markets. Traders can set custom notifications to keep track of prices for financial assets they’re interested in. The app can work well with Android and iOS, even Apple Watch!

For a startup in the finance industry, we bet you would not expect such benefits:

Flexible Working Hours. No more strict working hours, employees are allowed to have flexible working hours without decreasing their quality of work.

Flexible Vacation Periods. They do not limit employees from taking leave as long as they remain contactable when needed.

Casual Dress Code. No more formal outfits, except at meetings only.

Well-stocked Pantry. A pantry where the team gets to decide what they would like to buy for the pantry. Also, there’s free-flow coffee too!

Regular Free Lunches. Lunch sessions organised regularly by the company for extra bonding period with employees! On the house!

Team Activities. Keeping employees healthy through sports games like soccer, laser tag and more!

Pokemon Go Hunts – A good news for Pokemon Go lovers. They are planning to organise Pokemon Go hunts for their employees!

3. Pegaxis


Pegaxis is a procurement management platform which helps condominium and commercial properties procure various estate-related services. They are also one of the 9 startups selected for lap 2 of the prized DBS HotSpot accelerator. Currently, Pegaxis is scaling quickly and expanding the depth of their team.

The startup thrives through challenges and here’s what employees enjoy being part of the team:

Free Entry to the DBS HotSpot Accelerator Program. A great opportunity for people who want to learn the foundation of starting up.

Free 4-months Alpha Camp Education. A terrific chance to be mentored by others with vast experiences and skills.

Cool Hipster Office in Duxton. Employees can enjoy working in a fun and cool work environment.

4. CarPal


CarPal is transforming the way local goods move around in cities by enabling anyone to get any product delivered within an hour. Through revolutionary urban logistics & on-demand delivery platform, businesses and consumers can connect real-time with local couriers, who deliver goods or run errands on their behalves anywhere in a city.

Since launch, CarPal was met with immediate success and exponential growth and is currently actively planning regional/international expansion by the end of 2016.

As an employee at CarPal, what are the perks you will have? Let’s take a look.

Prime Location. Located in the heart of CBD area, employees can easily access plenty of restaurants, bars, gyms, banks and malls within walking distance. Also, multiple modes of transportation!

Spacious Office with a View. office is located on the top floor (28th floor) of Hub Synergy Point building with ample sunlight, full amenities, and a great view of the port, bay and sea. You will enjoy a sleek & comfortable working environment.

Fully-Stocked Pantry. The pantry corner is equipped with a Nespresso “Lattissima” coffee machine and medium-size refrigerator. Free-flow coffee, tea, bottled mineral water, snacks and cookies at all times.

Diverse Team. Diversity is one of CarPal’s key corporate values. The current team consist of people from the Netherlands, Hungary, Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore. You’ll be able to experience working with a multinational team and share experiences.

Occasional Lunch Feast. About twice a month, all employees can enjoy a lunch feast paid for by the company.

No Strict Dress Code. Employees just need to dress up appropriately and refrain from wearing flip-flops and singlets.

Health Care & Medical Expenses. All full-time employees, as well as selected part-time employees, benefit from a corporate health insurance plan where outpatient treatments are reimbursed to a certain amount.

Fun Start-Up Environment. CarPal shares the floor with some very exciting startups where they organise block parties, wine tastings, sports tournaments and other fun activities on a regular basis.

Company Yoga Sessions. Just down the road from the office location, employees get to enjoy inspirational yoga sessions regularly.

Enhanced Negotiation Skills. Opportunities to sit opposite large international MNCs to negotiate deals and develop yourself to the next height.

Fundraising. The process of fundraising is an experience that you would not want to miss if you are working towards having your own startup one day!

Free Legal Advice. Need some legal advice and no one to turn to? The CEO & Co-Founder used to be a lawyer!

Endless Jura Machine Coffee. Just help yourself to the free-flow coffee!



The dating app focuses on meeting the need for a simpler, more efficient way to get dates with singles who seriously look for genuine dating and long-term relationship. The dating consultants will do all the work for singles and help them secure a date with a compatible match.

Here are the perks provided to the employees:

Great Working Environment. No second-guessing. No rumours. Just honest conversations. Because a good associate-employer relationship runs on the same foundation that any other relationship does: communication.

Flexibility. Which other company lets an employee spend his/her benefits however she/he wants? Everyone is free to use their benefits on literally anything else, including an amazing villa complete with infinity pool in Bali.

Camaraderie. The employees are always joking, having fun, having a laugh together. They work together, have potlucks together, go for karaoke together, and above all, leave no man behind. That’s why they call it a family!

Purple Coins. Management and associates alike present each other with Purple Coins to reward each other for a job well done, or for taking on additional duties outside of one’s job scope. These Purple Coins may be redeemed for movie vouchers, shopping vouchers, or time off from work!

Time Off. Associates have 2 flexi days in a month – these are days where they can come to the office and leave at any time they want, as long as they clock 8 hours of work. For example, if someone has a doctor’s appointment in the afternoon, he/she can take a longer lunch break and stay later that night – instead of having to take a half day off!


fiit is the most convenient way for any corporation to tap into an all-encompassing world of lifestyle benefits and networks. Its three main perks: improve lifestyles, abundant savings and easy access are available for all members, including 8 other benefits like healthcare, fitness, optical, lifestyle, consultation, personal development, grant subsidies, and F&B.

Working at, everyone experiences unique perks like:

Wine Nights. Keeping you warm and fuzzy.

Beer Fridge. Sweetened drinks are commonly found in the office, but beer?! Ice cold beer in your hand, drink responsibly!

Unlimited Vacation. Employees can avoid burnouts and reenergise yourself when you need to.

Flexible Work. Want to work from home? No problem!

Mini Game Room. There’s PS4 & Wii for employees to whine down after a day of work.

Dress-up Days. Express your creativity through dress-up days with themes, like Pokemon. supports it!



The startup focuses on win-win transactions that bring benefits for both customers and companies that are listed on their platform. Online shopping lovers can enjoy appealing benefits like discounts, deals and cash back by using the platform to purchase from the merchants.

Also, reviewed by Vulcan Post as ‘The Most Promising Startup to Look Out For in 2015’, the fast-growing startup has successfully expanded its range to 4 countries within 2 years.

Here are some cool perks for employees who work in the startup:

Fun and Dynamic Work Environment. A casual and fun workplace with a ping pong table to melt the tension and stress during the working hours.

Opportunity to be Mentored by E-commerce Veterans. A valuable chance to work and be mentored directly by e-commerce veterans will allow employees to enhance their capabilities and learning growth

Friday Lunches – On the House. A blessed Friday completed with nutritious lunches at the office.

Well-stocked Pantry and Fridge with Ice-cream. Snacks are common, but ice-cream! Special treats a company can give to their employees.



The startup is an online supermarket platform where you can experience a delightful personalised service to order groceries you need. Already spread across 4 cities, the growing company moves towards the goal: to be the largest and most convenient online supermarket in Asia.

Here are some cool perks you will experience while working in honestbee:

Great Office Facilities. Knowing their employees spend most of their time in the office, they try to make it as comfortable as possible.  With a gym, shower room, games room and a quiet area for employees to take a break when they need to.

Well-stocked Pantry. Their employees will not go hungry in the office. Food and drinks well-loved by employees are well-stocked. There’s also an in-house café where employees can order their coffee from or shop for food right from the company’s platform.

Flexi-work Policies. Team members who are based overseas away from home can choose to work from home during the festive season to spend more time with their families. Parents with children can also benefit from this policy while they attend to the needs of their children. In that way, employees can spend more time with their loved ones without falling back on work.

Medical and Personal Accident Insurance. Employees are protected and give a healthcare assurance.

Cool perks significantly gain more motivated employees at work. Happy employees will be more loyal and supportive towards the company’s missions. Hopefully, this article can inspire your company to adopt some perks to enhance your employees’ happiness!

Stay tuned for the next 8 Startups with Cool Perks! Coming soon!

(Do note that there is no order in merit for Startups that are being featured in this article.)

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