Coolest Perks: Why You Should Work for These Startups! (Part 2)

More and more startups are establishing their business at one of the most crowded country in the world, Singapore. The growing tech industries are coming with new ideas and strategies to help people improve efficiency.

The young-spirited startups (thankfully) don’t only focus on the profits and advancements. Instead, they also seek for strategies to retain their talents. As they believe that employees are their primary asset, cool perks are being conceived to help them thrive and perform.

Previously we featured an article on 8 startups with cool perks. Well, here are the next 8 Startups in Singapore with cool perks you would want to know about:


1. Grab

Grab is the #1 ride-hailing app in SEA. Using data and technology, Grab has significantly improved transportation across six countries and 30 cities in Southeast Asia. Grab engineers work on a variety of innovative projects, including mapping, payments and logistics, and love that they are solving real-world problems. Through our efforts and collaboration with governments, associations and institutions, Grab is driving Southeast Asia forward by improving the lives, incomes and safety of drivers and passengers.

Check out some of the perks and benefits that working in Grab provides!

High Growth Opportunities with Diverse Responsibilities. Grabbers get the chance to work on solving challenges that no one else has done before and a variety of projects that have the potential to shape SEA cities. It doesn’t get more exciting than this!

Globally Talented Teams. Diversity is in Grab’s DNA.  The company hires the best people for the job, regardless of ethnicity, nationality, religion or gender.  Our open hiring approach has enabled us to be one of the few technology companies with half of our management and workforce made up  of women.

Quarterly Hackathons. You don’t get bored with “Grabathon”, our quarterly hackathons. Themes vary quarter to quarter, giving employees a chance to turn their ideas into real product features and solutions (e.g., Don’t worry if you’re not in the tech team, as Grab is always open to the best ideas, no matter which part of the Grab family you are from.

Hit the road with Grab.  Grab believes that being a driver for a day keeps employees grounded and helps them innovate and design solutions that are relevant and best meet the needs of drivers and customers.  All Grabbers get the chance to be drivers for a day during on-boarding.

Equity or Stock Options. Grabbers have the opportunity to own a part of the company and share the benefits of its success through stock options.

Grab Travel Allowance. Every Grabber gets a SGD $100 weekly allowance to use Grab; even over the weekends!

Comprehensive Medical Coverage & Leave. All employees are covered by health insurance and are encouraged to take medical leave when they are unwell.

Flat and Open Office. Grab has several offices, and Grabbers can move around when they see fit.  There are numerous hot-desking areas and cool hangout areas which reflect their flat, non-hierarchical work and communication style.

Flexible Working Hours. Grabbers have the flexibility to work around the working hours when appropriate, as long as assignment are delivered on time.

Free-flow Pantry. Snacks, drinks, ice cream, coffee, and the occasional beer are found in all office pantries can be had to keep the employees fueled, inspired, and motivated while they are working. The best part is that Grabbers get to choose the snacks they get.

Casual Dress Code. Dress in whatever makes you feel comfortable as long as it is respectful.

Grab SWAG. You might have seen Grab employees wearing their SWAG around town already.  Grabbers are a proud bunch with some cool shirts, hoodies, and more.



The award-winning Singaporean Fintech successfully invents a Matchmove wallet as an efficient mobile payment for Southeast Asia’s users. You can top up the credits into the digital wallet at the nearest ATM and it functions like a credit card.

The success of the industry is supported by engaged employees who are satisfied with the awesome perks that the company has. Here’s what they have:

Free Beer on Friday Evenings. Friday the most awaited day with that extra perk where employees are able to let their hair down after the end of the day and have an ice cold beer or beers.

No Dress Code. Forget the mornings wasting time to plan what to wear! Just wear what you feel like wearing that day!

Flat and Open Office. Spacious enough for staff to move around in hoverboards.

Monthly Breakfast Session. Where thoughts are shared with great food on the table.

Bi-monthly Company-wide Meeting. Get into a sharing session not only with your team but throughout the whole company. You’ll never know but you might pick up some new ideas and experiences.

Team Building Activity.  At least once a month, the company go for activities like golf, canoeing, baking, cooking classes and more!

Birthday Celebrations. Everyone deserves to feel special on their special day in the office.




PolicyPal’s mobile app helps people to manage their insurance policies with just a snap and upload to the platform and at the same time, track the insurance premiums and coverage.

Other than just being a platform with a one-stop view of all your policies. They help to optimise them by helping you to understand your protection gap and make potential savings!

Here’s what you will have being one of the team:

Unique Growth Opportunity. At PolicyPal, they guide their talents on how they can work with big organisations, engaging the consumers and creating value for both sides. Employees have opportunities to attend overseas conference events for tech startups too.

Diverse Responsibilities. Employees will be able to master a variety of transferable skills or skills that are relevant across roles and industries. Within a year, employees could get valuable experience in project management, business development, marketing and finance.

Free Coffee and Snacks. They believe in being refuelled from time to time.

Company Tees. Branded goodies that everyone is proud to wear.

Casual Dress Code. Just because no one feels very comfortable in pantsuit and pumps. Employees are allowed to be in casuals for maximum comfort.

Game Activities. There’s a ping pong table, pool table and foosball table – to make everybody move and be healthy.

Fun Team Events. Not only do they work hard, they know how to play hard too! Activities such as cable skiing, Sentosa beach day, drinks, monthly celebrations of birthdays and accomplishments are being organised.

Equity or Stock Options. Not only can the employees participate in being a part of the company with a sense of ownership, but they also have profit sharing which definitely motivates employees in performing for the company’s success.



4. is Singapore’s #1 personal finance portal helping Singaporeans make a better financial decision.  Consumers can easily compare loans, insurance and credit cards and directly apply for the services, all in one online platform!

The startup spoils their employees with cool perks such as…

+ 1 Day of Leave Per Year Served. The longer an employee is with the company, the more annual leaves!

FML (Friday Mass Lunch). Employees do regular celebrations at the peak of the week by having lunch together at the office, and it’s on the house!

Monthly Company Outings. No burnouts are allowed! Everyone can have joyful and fun outings once in a month.

Well-stocked Pantry. Having hunger pangs are perceived to decrease overall performance, and a well-stocked pantry is believed to be the right solution.

Well-stocked Bar. Beer, Wine, Whiskey, Vodka, Bourbon. Employees are free to have one of those to warm up!

Annual Overseas Company Retreat. Everyone is appreciated for their hard work for the year and rewarded with an overseas retreat to enjoy and bond!

No Dress Code. Employees are free to dress as they like.

Awesome Working Hours. With the working hours at 10am to 7pm. Employees can sleep in a little more and commute in a less busy public transport.





The one-stop online shop that provides 4 categories of products like women, men, lifestyle, and beauty & personal care. This startup connects sellers/retailers in Thailand to online shoppers across Southeast Asia.

The startup ensures employees work in a productive and comfortable environment with benefits like:

Fun and Chill Work Environment. With a green office environment, and also a breakout space for social gatherings and discussions.

Health Plan. Employees can be assured of their health with the private insurance the company provides.

Casual Dress Code. Dress casually to work and work with maximum comfort. By the way, fashionista wear is encouraged too!

Fun Activities. With the annual company offsite events, monthly events and Thursday Lunch and Learns, bring more fun to the employees.

Culture/Mentorship. A culture of frequent 1-1 feedback and coaching sessions will help employees thrive and broaden their knowledge. They also have opportunities to work with talents from across the regions and nationalities.



6. Thunderquote

ThunderQuote is a B2B marketplace-platform created to connect business services buyers to vendors to get free quotations and cut the hassle of looking for vendors. It links up vendors to prospective clients for a small fee, saving vendors lead generation time and marketing dollars.

Some cool perks available at the office are:

Free-flow Drinks and Snacks. There’s coke, hot chocolate, coffee and tea for your refreshments and an assortment of snacks like salted-egg chips!

Usage of Corporate iPads & MacBooks. Everyone can utilise the iPads and Macbooks provided to support their work tasks.

Flexible Working Hours. Getting work done matters more than the number of hours an employee spends in the office is their philosophy.

Remote Work Days. As per above philosophy.

Healthy Living. There’s a ping pong table where you can feel free to challenge anyone, even the co-founders.

Flexible Working Arrangement. Feel free to move around and change desks or locations.

Cheap & Good Lunch. As the startup is located in NUS, affordable food can be bought at the canteens.

Expanding Network. Employees can easily connect with various entrepreneurs, mentors and people in the startup eco-system.



7. Vault dragon

Vault Dragon aims to improve the patient’s journey through Electronic Medical Record (EMR), one clinic at a time. Currently, the leading EMR provider in Singapore, and working with over 49 clinics to improve their operation needs. They aim to be the largest private health repository in Asia.

The startup provides some cool perks for employees:

Awesome Working Hours. Working hours are from 10am to 6pm. Work less, more results.

No Dress Code. Employees can dress in any ways they like.

Free Beer and Coffee. Unlimited supply of beer and nespresso coffee to fuel employees.

Dynamic Working Environment. Flat, open office with a highly collaborative team and a balcony for regular office BBQs.

Team Building Activities. Monthly team outings (lasertag, darts), annual overseas retreats and great working environment.

Annual Wellness Benefits. Annual credits for employees to pursue their interests.



8. Buy1Give1

The startup is a social enterprise with a vision to change the way businesses give and make a difference. Employees don’t get the highest paid job at B1G1 (may be soon!), but for the right person, it can be the dream job, to be part of something bigger and meaningful. The Startup seeks individuals that share the same desire to help others and create positive impact in the world.

Let’s take a look at the perks offered:

Be Part of A Mission. You will have the opportunity to be part of a mission to create a world that’s full of giving.

Dynamic & Supportive Team. Employees work in a small, dynamic and supportive team that empowers everybody to be the best they can be and great working culture.

Exciting Opportunities. There is a range of exciting opportunities to get involved in hosting international events, campaigns and conferences. Vast experiences and self development!

Cool perks are the best strategies a startup can provide to motivate and gain more employee’s motivation at work. Hopefully, employers (both corporates and startups) can gain more new perspectives and ideas on this article to retain the employees at work.

(Do note that there is no order in merit for Startups that are being featured in this article.)