Considering Whether to Accept or Walk Away from a Startup Job Offer

It seems like you did great on the startup job interview. The startup you are applying for is now offering you the job! But, is the job offer really what you want? Let’s take some time to consider several things.

1. Salary

As much as you are good at salary negotiation, there is still a huge chance that you don’t get offered your expected salary. Sluggish economy might be the one to blame, and it can be tempting for you to accept any offer. However, never overvalue an offer just because you are in a frustrating moment.

Ask yourself, is it better money for you? Know your worth, but be reasonable about what other offers might come in. If you knew exactly what salary you could live with, it will be easier to decide. On the other hand, money should not be the only consideration. In fact, it only plays a small part of your happiness at work!

2. Perks and benefits

While startup salary might not lead to your satisfaction, there must be other perks and benefits to convince yourself to take the job offer. Sometimes, it can be better than the paycheck! Ranging from health insurance coverage, flexible spending plans, and other benefit programs. Ask for additional information or clarification, so you can compare benefit packages between one startup to another.

A startup with good perks and benefits also shows that they are doing well. Many startups can’t even survive, let alone giving enviable perks and benefits to its employees. That is why it is important to confirm any startup’s perks and benefits.

3. The startup’s prospect

We often hear the staggering numbers of failed startups during their first five years. Then, are you sure the startup you are about to work for could last? Find out as much as you can about the startup, including their future prospects.

Some researching could do no wrong. Dig some insider informations, hiring activities, and the startup’s recent successes. Ensure that your future employer is stable, even during difficult economy. Avoid landing yourself a job that could be gone within a year. Remember, do not take a job you don’t want unless you have to.

4. Work environment

Each startup has their own cozy (and weird) work environment. Do you know exactly about the startup’s culture? Do you see yourself fitting easily into them? When you were in their office, you can observe their culture. You are able to know whether the startup have a fast-paced environment, or a more relaxed one. Your preference is on yours.

Also, it is about the people there. Were they friendly enough? Or else, were they too annoying for you? It depends on you as a person. You are the only one who can decide whether you would like them as your bosses and colleagues.


Those four facets could help you to consider whether to accept or walk away from a startup job offer. But, follow your gut. If you knew what it is like to work there and you think it is good for you, go for it! Otherwise, if you want to walk away from the job offer, do not imply that the offer is not good enough when you are declining it. You will never know what will happen in the future!


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Article contributed by Startup Jobs Asia‘s Team.

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