Coding Boot Camp is Startups & SME New Talent Source

“Success depends on how well and how fast you respond to the market, to the new source of talents.”

To remain competitive in today’s digital era, businesses need to recognise the need for software development talents in order to propel operational efficiency, upgrade legacy systems, and delight clients with breakthrough solutions. The problem is, however, software developers are among many talents that are hard to find amidst globally digital tech talent crunch.

According to Bureau of Labour Statistics, the demand for software developers is growing 21 percent much faster than average from 2018 to 2028. The growth is attributed to the large increase in the demand for computer software. The problem arises when this massive growth is not supported with an equal number of tech graduates available in the talent market, meaning that companies are far from fulfilling that need anytime soon.

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On this matter, coding boot camps can open a new way for businesses to fetch potential software development talents. A survey published in Small Business Trends showed that while boot campers might not possess fancy software degrees from universities, they remain a perfect fit for small business. In fact, there is an increased number over years in resumes, listing kind of coding boot camp experience with 1,000 out of millions.

Moreover, boot camp for coders has been seen as the perfect solution to fill supply and demand issues with developers, said Justin Hall to Tech Republic. Among the top reasons is that boot campers are qualified to at least basic skills of coding and other software “abilities”.

Coding boot camp graduates’ abilities

Coding boot camp is a technical training camp meant to teach learners programming skills. Unlike formal courses in colleagues, boot camp equips students with little coding proficiency to focus on the most important aspects of coding and immediately apply their new coding to solve real-world problems which is why they are perfect for entry-level employability in developer position.

The programming skills taught include coding languages such as Ruby, JavaScript, Python and a couple of other languages like C++ or PHP. The graduates also possess the skills of web development frameworks which help developer to write code faster by performing action-based learning. Other knowledge taught are database skills, server and hosting, as well as version control. Outside the programming ability, graduates also have skills of adaptability, networking, and self-sufficient.

So, are you looking to hire a boot camper or want to invest upskilling in your employees?

Here are 20 best online coding boot camp based on Course Report survey.

·         Actualize – overall rating 4.88 ·         General Assembly – overall rating 4.32
·         App Academy – overall rating 4.69 ·         Hack Reactor – overall rating 4.67
·         BrainStation – overall rating 4.63 ·         Make School – overall rating 4.3
·         Codesmith – overall rating 4.88 ·         Next Academy – overall rating 4.1
·         Coding Dojo – overall rating 4.35 ·         Sabio – overall rating 4.86
·         Coding Temple – overall rating 4.89 ·         Software Guild – overall rating 4.69
·         DevMountain – overall rating 4.65 ·         The Tech Academy – overall rating 4.82
·         Epicodus – overall rating 4.74 ·         Barcelona Code School – overall rating 4.53
·         Flatiron School – overall rating 4.78 ·         Bottega – overall rating 4.66
·         Fullstack Academy – overall rating 4.9 ·         Byte Academy – overall rating 3.96


And here are some of the best coding boot camps in Asia.

  • Byte Academy – located in Bangalore
  • Next Academy – located in Kuala Lumpur
  • Le Wagon – located in Singapore, Tokyo, Shanghai, Bali, Chengdu, Melbourne, Kyoto, and Shenzhen
  • General Assembly – located in Singapore and Sydney
  • Coder Academy – located in Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne

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