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Startup Jobs Asia was “brewing” yet recognizing the challenges of Talent Acquisition that Startups faced within Asia. That’s according to its founder Ben Chew who claims that they have identified the in-between gaps and aim to drive through them to bridge the gaps narrower as they move forward.

“We aim to create a better leverage and platform for Startup Hire in Asia and help connect the right talent fit within their growing and emerging business.We want to “sexify jobs at startups and to grow the human capital/employment eco-system for Startup. In short, we want to be the “voice” for Startup Hire within Asia.Building world class companies in Asia, one talent at a time,” he said in an interview with Singapore Business Review.
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1. What sets Startup Jobs Asia apart from other job hunting site?

Startup Jobs Asia is unique as we created as a platform specifically for Startups to help them in their talent acquisition. No roles from MNC, corporate organization can be found in our site. This also mean that visitor traffic that come to know what they be expecting and know the roles that they are applying for. We have heard from Startup founders posting their roles in the mainstream job portals and quality was not there as the jobseekers are not inclined to seeking a career with a startup. Not only do they have such experiences from jobseekers, they end up having to pay for the job advertisements. In additional, they are also competing with the MNC, Corporate organisation for candidates’s resources.

2. How did your company start? How did you manage to get funds?

We started in mid Dec 2012 on a bootstrapped manner, funded fully by Strategia Ventures which is privately owned.

3. How do startups respond to your ‘Search Resume’ functions? Are you rolling out new features?

Our recent feature that we improvise of enabling talents to deposit their resumes has since grow more than 1000 resumes being deposited and is still growing at a steady pace. Startup who engaged the “Search Resume” functions have come back with positive feedbacks about this feature.

We have few upcoming features in good timeline for launch. However, we are rushing to roll out the features as we would like to hear from the users (both Startups and Talents) about their experience on every new feature launch. This is to create a better experience and effectiveness of the new feature.

New features like Premium listing will be next to roll out for startup that want better visibilities in their job postings. We are also working to improve on our user experiences as we go along.

Not forgetting our offline engagement, we are looking to start off a mini-job/networking fair which we are working on the venue and the neccessary logistics. We are looking at the time from end Aug to Sep period for this event.

4. What are your future plans?

Our future plans is to continue to grow our visitor traffic on both Unique and Returning visitors. Our short term aim is to further grow our traction across other part of South East Asia with our local partners thus driving up both online and offline engagement.

5. What is your outlook?
We see Talents Acquisition as one of the biggest challenge for any organization/companies. I like to think that there will be more corporate executives leaving their comfy role and high paying job and joining emerging, high-growth startup in the months ahead. We do see that the war for talents will not just the matter of MNC, corporate organization but with Startup as well.

The startup eco-system in Singapore and within Asia is growing well and fast. Without the right talent, there is no way a great product from a startup can scale and be successful. However, as founders continue to look forward to hire the best talent to form the much sought A-team, we believe that the existing talent war will continue to intensify. In short, we will see more “poaching of talents” within the Startup community or out of the eco-system.


Name of the company: Startup Jobs Asia
Founder/Founders: Ben Chew
Major Investors: Strategia Ventures Pte Ltd
Total funding at hand: NA
Target fund: NA
Source of funding: Privately owned
Start of operation: Dec 2012

Article first appeared on Singapore Business Review.


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