Challenges You Will Meet With the Merger of Different Company Cultures

Partnerships and company mergers are common nowadays especially when one company is limping and will definitely need help from another company for it to survive. This may sound promising for the company as they will not be forced to close-down the facility.

However, there will be a big impact on the employees as they will be working with a new set of employees, and also a new culture as well. Culture-bound employees will be identified and this is not good.

If you have been working for a certain company for a certain period of time, you are already accustomed to a certain set of beliefs and practices. This will be a problem when they are needed to merge with the other company. It will be difficult for them to adjust.

A problem will also arise eventually if this will not be addressed properly for a faction will be formed and any company owners wouldn’t want that.

There are 5 steps to successfully merge cultures and they are the following:

  • Merge the 2 companies’ vision and mission into a new statement and core values.

Most companies, especially when are in the same field have more or less similar goals and beliefs. Putting them together may not be hard especially if these companies are merged because of need. You can also make use of the recognition program so that in this way, you are recognizing both vision and mission and they will not be alienated with the other company’s customs. It will be easier for them to identify, get to know and eventually get themselves familiarized with each other’s beliefs.


  • Secure executive sponsorship.

Try to see emerging leaders from both sets of employees. And through the recognition program, both employees will begin to notice and acknowledge all the efforts or contributions of all the employees.


  • All strategic programs need measurable goals to track success.

These measurable goals or also known as KPI’s should always be included in the recognition programs.


  • Before launching the new program, try to secretly survey all employees anout their satisfaction on their current jobs.

You can ask how they are with their current roles in the company, what they think of as potential culture change and leadership, how do they understand the values of the merged company and how do they see and understand those daily behavioral changes.

After getting the answers and taking note of them, you can conduct another survey every now and then to check on their progress, their new opinions and also to get to know if they are currently having problems with the new face of the management. You can then take this as an opportunity to make your new management better and suit the tastes of both set of employees.


  • Properly launch the changes in the company.

Since you have new culture, new people to work with and new set of goals and beliefs, it is just respectful to let all your employees formally know of this. They are still part of the entity the only difference is they are also part of a new business entity.


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