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Want to Work for Startups? Here’s your chance.

Want to Work For a Startup? Interested to work for Startups? Startup Jobs Asia is the right place for you! Boasting more than 1000 jobs from Startups! New job opportunities from these exciting Startups are updated every day! To start you off… let’s move on to these Startups that are currently hiring…   Profyle is looking for a Senior Web Application

Be a Co-Founder

Quite often, when an entrepreneur has a business idea yet do not have the skills to build it or has great tech skills but lacking in the business area? And these entrepreneurs wonder on how to go about finding co-founders? At Startup Jobs Asia’s platform, you can easily ‘shout out’ to the rest that you

An Aspiring Designer or Already is?

YOU ARE WANTED If you love doodling away, loving the end result of the messages you send to people through the graphic you have created… you might just be the guy or girl these Startups are looking for! Look for new opportunities and challenges via Startup Jobs Asia’s platform! Startup Jobs Asia’s Jobs Portal has

Enjoy the Process to the Finale of Apps Development?

These Startups WANT U! Do you have a passion for creating apps? Spending countless hours perfecting that new app that you had just created? Turn your passion into your job! Startup Jobs Asia brings you opportunities to let your creative juices flow! These jobs are the icing on the cake! Currently, Startup Jobs Asia’s Jobs

To Hire a Hacker or Hustler First?

Why would a startup company want to hire a hacker as part of their staff setup? A good argument would be that hackers or developers possess skills that can be used positively. Someone who started out as a hacker breaking into network systems can make a turnaround and use the same skills to help a

Top 5 Reasons Why Talents Refuse to Join Startups

It is not always easy when you are thinking of changing jobs. There are so many factors to take into consideration.  People around you will give you all sorts of advice and tips, but in the final analysis it is up to you and what your personal requirements are that should form the selection criteria.

Which role is the most critical to hire initially for a Startup?

Recruitment can be one of the most challenging aspects for a startup company. To pick out the most critical role to hire would be difficult. This is because the base staff itself would be few in number; as there are several areas to keep afloat right from day one – managerial, marketing, accounting, technical etc.

What are Hackers looking for when they join Startup?

Most developers, also called as ‘hackers’ when approached to join a new startup, would in all fairness wonder – what type of gamble would I be taking if I agree to join? It is a fair question and if truth be told, a gamble. But there are many positive reasons why hackers should grab the

Should a Startup pay Headhunters for Any Hiring?

When starting any new business venture one is faced with a whole lot of tasks, not the least of which is hiring the right staff. After locating appropriate business premises and furnishing the office, the next step would be to fill the empty desks and chairs! Computers may be the need of the day to

Why is a Good Job Description Important for a Startup?

Though, in this era of computer and technology, many consider that writing job description is a total waste of time, still some people prefer writing a job description to reap out its benefits. In reality, writing a job description is important from many perspectives, especially for a startup business. This is considered as one of