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Why Choose A Startup Over A Corporate Career?

You’re browsing for online ads for a new job. Then you noticed a big and stable company proudly stating the perks and ideal figures for a paycheck that you will receive should you get hired by them. And then here’s a startup company enticing you to be one of their pioneering team for a new

Pros and Cons in Working for a Startup

Massive lay-offs, economic meltdown, fast technology, and a lot more resulted to a lot of startups nowadays. And it’s a good thing! While necessity is said to be the mother of invention, it’s been proven time and again that scarcity is the father of innovation. For corporate employees who felt the boredom, some misdirection in

An Aspiring Designer or Already is?

YOU ARE WANTED If you love doodling away, loving the end result of the messages you send to people through the graphic you have created… you might just be the guy or girl these Startups are looking for! Look for new opportunities and challenges via Startup Jobs Asia’s platform! Startup Jobs Asia’s Jobs Portal has

Enjoy the Process to the Finale of Apps Development?

These Startups WANT U! Do you have a passion for creating apps? Spending countless hours perfecting that new app that you had just created? Turn your passion into your job! Startup Jobs Asia brings you opportunities to let your creative juices flow! These jobs are the icing on the cake! Currently, Startup Jobs Asia’s Jobs

How long are you prepared to work in startup having a much lower salary?

There are a few things that one should always keep in mind while joining a startup – one that it is a risk, second that it is going to take a long time for the seeds of prosperity to mature and thirdly, ask yourself what you are actually after – money or knowledge? According to

How to negotiate for a better salary if the startup is having profits?

If you are looking to join a start-up and know for sure that the startup is profitable and making money, there is a huge chance of getting a fat pay if you are good at negotiation skills. However, the problem with most of the startups is that the management and the owners are aware of

Competitive salary or higher equities if you were to join startup?

Joining a startup is always going to be a tricky decision and it cannot be discounted that the luck plays an important role here. For many experienced professionals, with families and children to care for, it is somehow the conservative point of view that makes a lot of sense as without competitive salary along with

Top 5 Reasons Why Talents Refuse to Join Startups

It is not always easy when you are thinking of changing jobs. There are so many factors to take into consideration.  People around you will give you all sorts of advice and tips, but in the final analysis it is up to you and what your personal requirements are that should form the selection criteria.

What are Hackers looking for when they join Startup?

Most developers, also called as ‘hackers’ when approached to join a new startup, would in all fairness wonder – what type of gamble would I be taking if I agree to join? It is a fair question and if truth be told, a gamble. But there are many positive reasons why hackers should grab the

What Entices Talent to Join another Startup Competitor?

Many people feel that they are stagnating in their present job. Years of putting their back to the grindstone have not been very rewarding. Is it time to look for another job that could be more fulfilling career-wise, and more lucrative? Since there are dozens of job offers being advertised, it is not easy to