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Learn How Chickin Indonesia Made It to Forbes Under 30

As the largest economy in Southeast Asia, Indonesia is home to thousands of dynamic and growing startups of all development levels; from cockroach to decacorn. As the startup ecosystem is thriving, the Indonesian government wants to keep the momentum by offering support to newly-built business projects. Spearheaded by Pertamina, a state-owned enterprise (SOE), they held

Vegan and Sustainable Startups That are Changing the Future

Vegan startups initially started as a niche. For the longest time, the plant-based food sector struggled to develop their business mainly because investors with vegan-adjacent ethics were hard to come by. Rather than compassionate choice and conscious consumerism, investors are naturally more drawn to business with a commercial safe net. But once considered as a

Indian Edtech Giant BYJU’S and Its Freemium Business Model

In June this year, Indian Edtech startup BYJU’S was named the most valued startup of India, surpassing Paytm after raising $350 million in the recent round of funding led by the UBS Group and Zoom founder, Eric Yuan, Blackstone, and others. The funds put the company at the value of $16.5 billion. Last month, BYJU’S

Bolttech Goes Unicorn, Says It Recognizes ESG as “Profound Importance”

Bolttech becomes the next insurtech unicorn after rounding up its A series funding to US$210 million, breaching past the US$1 billion valuations. The total additional US$180 million was led by Activant Capital Group, together with other investors included Tony Fadell (principal at Future Shape), Alpha Leonis Partners, Dowling Capital Partners, B. Riley Venture Capital, and

Covid-19: How It Affects and Reshapes the Startup Environment 

In order to survive, some have to strive As the Covid-19 outbreak raises concerns globally, small- and medium-sized businesses like startups need to rethink their strategy. The executive director of the Ryerson DMZ startup incubator, Abdullah Snobar told Financial Post that the fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic is already here – and some startups will

EdTech Helps Solve Education Gaps in Asia

Education is always needed to ensure the development of a country. No wonder, many governments are investing greatly in education. Governments are expecting and wanting to ensure that their people are literate and hold a certain level of knowledge about the world. Not only that, education also helps raise self-esteem and further opportunities for independent

Vietnam’s e-Commerce Sectors Continuously Increase in 2019

According to National Financial Supervision Committee (NFSC) as cited in Vietnam News, gross domestic product (GDP) growth rate in Vietnam is likely to reach a decade high in 2018 and maintain its pace in the following years. The growth rate is higher than set target of 6,7. Trương Văn Phước, NFSC’s acting chairman of the

ASEANHR 2018 Formally Opens Its Doors in Manila

ASEANHR Tech Venture Summit 2018 has successfully served its purpose last October 18 and 19 at the Shangri-La at the Fort, BGC, Manila, Philippines. Gracing the event are Business Leaders, Entrepreneurs and HR Decision Makers. Along with a fresh set of speakers that has never appeared in any conference in the same format. The two-day

$1 Million Prize For The Ultimate Startup Comes To Asia!

StartCon, Australia’s largest startup and growth conference, and Australian venture capital firm Right Click Capital have put $1 million investment on the table for one lucky winner in a quest to promote innovation throughout Asia Pacific. The competition offers ambitious founders a platform for global pitch exposure, with one of the region’s largest prize pools

The Five Most Wanted Skills for Startup in 2018

Are you fresh graduates who want to start your career with meaningful work? Or are you an experienced veteran bored with corporate life and wants to try new things? Then why not try to jump in the world of startup and enjoy the privilege of changing your formal tie and suit into t-shirts and shorts