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How Startups Can Stay Ahead of Competitors

Running a startup in 2022 is challenging; while your projects may have great potential for growth, you must foster innovation and stay ahead of competitors to thrive. Some resilient startups have successfully proven their worth and acquired funding from venture capitals, while many others are still struggling financially and seeking stability. As more startups emerge

Why CRM is Important for Startups in 2022

Thanks to automation, startups can reduce the time spent on administrative and repetitive tasks while cutting back errors, so they can focus on strategic goals to grow the business. Among the ‘magical’ innovations brought by automation technology is Customer Relationship Management, or often known as CRM. CRM helps businesses in managing how consumers engage with

Free Design Resources for Startup Brand Identity

In the era of Instagram and Tiktok, the visual aspect of your brand is indispensable. Visual speaks louder and it is imperative for startups like yours to follow the bandwagon. Coming up with a visionary, valuable product or service is no longer enough to attract customers if you fail to wrap them in alluring visual

Why Startups Need to Start Making Instagram Reels

TikTok is taking the internet by storm and amassing billions of new users in a relatively short time. As the video app quickly attracts Millennials and Gen Z, Instagram is not in a negotiable position to lose against it. And hence, Instagram Reels is launched. Similar to TikTok videos, Reels allows users to post videos

Retention First, Growth Second: Here’s Why

When trying to secure VC funding, many founders are focusing only on pursuing growth rather than retaining current one. Of course, there has been pressure from all sides for founders to show that their business can grow exponentially, especially if you run a tech startup. Indeed, inherent growth can easily back up your confidence and

How to Get Your First 1,000 Community Members for Startups

Community is the next big thing in the modern world of startups. With the rise of community-led companies like Reddit and AirBnB, more leaders are realizing the power of community to drive business growth. Now, you might think it is counter-intuitive for founders to focus on building the first 1,000 community members instead of developing

Startup Pitch Competitions to Look Forward in 2022

So you just came up with a great business idea. Now, where should you showcase the idea, gain valuable feedback, and actually get a chance to secure funding? The answer will be pitch competitions.  Joining startup pitch competitions can be a powerful boost that will bring success to your business project. No matter how great

How Empathetic Culture Drives Startup Development

Empathy is often viewed as a form of compassion or something that makes individuals feel good about themselves rather than a means of making policies. After two years of struggling against employee burnout caused by the pandemic, empathy is becoming increasingly important in corporate culture. The fuzziness of home and work life has been one

What Do Successful Startups Have in Common

Have you ever wondered what sets successful startups apart from the rest? Indeed, there is no single formula for success, so the answer might not be that simple. Startup challenges and competitors differ depending on the industry and the market size. While one cannot foresee who or what we will face, we can study the

Why Graphic Design Matters for Your Startup Success

If you see a green round object, what’s the first brand coming to your mind?   While the answer may vary, you surely have a particular brand in mind when visual aspects are mentioned. It goes without saying that one of the most noticeable forms of visual communication is through graphic design. Having a solid