Initial Startups: Behind the Scenes Archive

Initial Startups: Behind the Scenes #1 – Mentorica

Those who deal with operations might have to run about and would not have the ‘luxury’ to be sitting in front of the computer to check on the overall information or statistics. What if… you can now do it on-the-go? How? Mentorica made it possible! All you need… is your smartphone! A Brief Introduction: Mentorica

Initial Startups: Behind the Scenes #1 – Save22

Imagine a place where you can view all promotions happening or with a few clicks… you get to see if your favourite restaurant or that digital gadget you have been eyeing is having a promotion? The answer to this… ‘Save22’. A Brief Introduction: Save22 allows you to window shop leading retailers in Singapore before you go shopping! If

Initial Startups: Behind the Scenes #1 – Rewardz

Most of the time, we hear about how corporate companies having all those employee benefits and enjoying certain perks and now we have Rewardz! Founded by Nicole Seah, Himanshu Chaudhari and Jaya Maru, Rewardz now collaborates with over 100 partners in Singapore providing employees of companies who uses their service, additional perks of enjoying the

Initial Startups: Behind the Scenes #1 – Flocations

When we travel, of course, we want to look for the best price package possible. With the various websites for air tickets, accommodations, what kind of activities you can do over there and we have more than perhaps 10 tabs opened. Can it be simpler? Yes! That is why Flocations is born! Flocations is a one-stop

Initial Startups: Behind the Scenes #1 – DropMyEmail

Work emails… personal emails… Some hold certain importance with valuable information and some well… sentimental perhaps. What if 1 day… these emails are gone? That’s where DropMyEmail comes in! DropMyEmail is a free service that lets you backup your emails automatically easily. Interview Dialogue with DropMyEmail Founder, Mr John Fearon and Pioneer Employee, Mr Zan

Initial Startups: Behind the Scenes #1 – FlagAHero

Isn’t it great when you can ‘flag’ for a hero when you are in need like the way you are in a rush and start flagging for a cab? Now you can do just that! Why? Because… FlagAHero is born! FlagAHero brings about conveniences for people to find assistance or services within their own communities

Initial Startups: Behind the Scenes #1 – Crowdonomic

Lots of time we’ve heard about Singapore being a good place to do business with all sorts of support coming from different sources, private or the government. Early-stage Startups could still face difficulty in having investors looking at them. Here is where Crowdonomic comes in! Crowdonomic, a crowdfunding platform connecting Asia-based startups with global supporters!    

Initial Startups: Behind the Scenes #1 – CarbonStory

We’ve heard about ‘Crowd-Funding’ a lot. How about ‘Crowd-Offsetting’? A Singapore-based Startup launched a portal to fight climate change! Now, you can do your part and support Green Projects via this Startup! Yes! It’s CarbonStory! A Brief Introduction: A social startup giving users a fun and informative way to become part of the solution to