How to Build a Growth Mindset as an Entrepreneur

Startups and entrepreneurship are like two sides of a coin; inseparable and one cannot exist without the other. In order to craft business success, it is fundamental to start with the right mindset. To get a better grasp, here is what you need to know on building a growth mindset as an entrepreneur.


Becoming an Entrepreneur 

Leaders do not have the luxury of being fearful about taking risks. When faced with a challenge, employees can have a supervisor or manager to whom they can turn for assistance and backup. Their payments are typically not affected by the company’s fluctuating earnings and payday is fixed, thus creating a sense of security. Entrepreneurs do not get to have such a comfort. Yes, nobody will tell you how to get your work done. While freedom sounds enticing, it also requires tremendous effort to brainstorm every day. It is your responsibility to determine the finest and most effective approach to accomplish business goals. An entrepreneur should always be on the lookout for better strategies to execute ideas, which makes a growth mindset essential to live by. So, are you ready?


Establish a Strong Reason to Keep Going

If you want to cultivate a growth mindset as an entrepreneur, make sure you have a solid answer to this question: “why do you want to be an entrepreneur?” The answer may vary and there is no single answer that can be deemed as entirely correct, as people have different reasons for becoming one. Whatever the reason is, make sure you are certain about it. It should be the one that gets you started and keeps you going, for better or for worse. Strive for growth, but be consistent in remembering why you chose this path as an entrepreneur in the first place.


Be Ready for Failures

Almost all entrepreneurs are ready for success, but not everyone may be ready to fail. Growth mindset means you are ready for both successes and failures. While failure may seem scary, it is actually something that can help you grow and improve. Your fear of failure may be rooted in the fact that you have no idea what will happen if you fail. Address this insecurity by outlining all the possible outcomes of doing what you want to do, including exit plans during the worst case scenarios. Use this projection to help you overcome your fear. Hopefully, you will not need it, but if you ever do, it is always better to be prepared. Remember the classic saying: fall seven times, stand up eight


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Prepare to be a Lifetime Learner

Once you are fixated on being an entrepreneur, you sign up for being a lifetime learner. When you strive for growth, it requires the willingness to learn from everyone and everywhere. You do not have to take a master’s degree in business administration to learn, although studying can be one of the ways of learning. Read a lot of news, industry reports, competitors’ updates, and many more. If you learn better through auditory, you can listen to some business insights from video interviews and podcasts, as there is plenty of quality audio content about entrepreneurship. The world of business is quickly changing, and it is easy to fall behind if you do not keep up with all changes.


Master Time Management

When your business is mature enough and you can leave it on ‘autopilot’, you may get a chance to have more days off than your employees. However, this does not happen in your first few years of entrepreneurship growth. This is an inevitable consequence, but good time management may actually be of help. Strictly set a minimum sleeping and resting time, even if you have so much on your plate. You surely do not want to get sick or hospitalized in the middle of building your business. Sort out priorities, from the most important to the least, and make a to-do list on a weekly basis. Put the list into a structured schedule on your phone, so you can simply take a look at it every time. It is also important to leave some spare time for unexpected activities.


Always Try to Build Strong Networks

Last but not least, the ultimate key for those with a growth mindset is networking. As an entrepreneur, you will need to connect with a lot of people, be it as partners, investors, or clients. Always keep an eye out for networking possibilities. Networking helps you remain up to date on industry trends, meet prospective business partners, and discover new possibilities. There are a myriad of ways to build strong networks, both offline and online. You can join a business community of your industry, for example. Practice strong communication skills, as you will need to know how to keep your colleagues engaged from both listening and talking.


There is no right or wrong approach to be an entrepreneur. This can be frustrating at times because you may always question every step you take. Yet, this is the sign of an excellent growth mindset, as it means you will never stop trying and learning. The road to becoming a successful entrepreneur is definitely long, exhausting, and even stressful. But is it worth it? If you are well aware of all scenarios, best and worst, equipped with a growth mindset, then yes, it will be worth it.


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