Bored with Business Routine? 10 Ways to Stay Creative and Keep Going

Let’s face it: having routine could be boring. Waking up in the morning, arranging schedule for the day, going to work, meeting clients, discussing business plans with partners, doing these activities over and over can be tiresome at some point.

Heather Lench said to BBC that, “Boredom stops us ploughing the same old furrow and pushes us to try to seek new goals or explore new territories or ideas. That search of escape, sometimes, can lead us to take risk to something danger that eventually hurt us.” She also emphasised that every now and then, the feeling of uninspired and stuck at your business makes your passion go away and leaving the ‘meh’ feeling. In the end, you might want to leave your business and find new routine.

That does not sound good at all, right? If you ever feel like wanting to change directions caused by boredom and monotonous routine, these tips will help you get your spirit back.  

#1 Be Bored – This might sound awkward but sometimes, boredom is good. Being bored can recharge your energy and spur creativity. There are hundreds of activities bored people usually do such as daydreaming, getting away from the computer and cleaning the house, singing and watching random passerby from your window, listening to upbeat music, and many more.

#2 Go for a walk – Going for a walk can refresh and improve your mood. That’s why many experts suggest it. Likewise, bringing your notebook when walking help you jot down some brilliant ideas that might suddenly come to your mind.

#3 Do something differently – For example, you can play a cricket with your employees or change the way how your company routine look. This might retain your employees as well as you will have something new to do.  

#4 Read a magazine, a book, look at art, or watch video – If you are stagnant in your business, there must be some way out – in this case you should brainstorm your way out. Reading, drawing, colouring, looking at art, or simply watching videos can help you fight the boring routine you have in your business work.   

#5 Laugh at yourself – Sound ridiculous? Nah. Laughing at yourself is a wonder drug, the best laxative for losing a stuck up sense of self. It can also improve your health and is the best way to relieve stress.

#6 Go somewhere new – Once in a while, it is okay to leave your business to people you trust, especially when you have done with your business routine. Going somewhere you’ve never been before can boost your confidence, and most importantly you can find and get new connection with people all over the world.

#7 Break the rules – Do you know that breaking rules is good for your health and business? It might sound scary to be a rebel. Yet, breaking rules is sometimes necessary to advance your careers. There are more good stuffs and lessons will happen. You will also find new challenges.

#8 Phone a friend –You can either brainstorm with your friends to find new crazy idea or simply enjoy life and get out of your routine for awhile.

#9 Do not forget your reason why you start your business – Reason makes us stay. Strong reason makes us want to achieve the goals. Therefore, finding new alternative/way is great but never forget why you start in the first place.

#10 Streamline and simplify your business – Before you abandon the ship altogether and regret it in the end, take a moment and analyse why you feel detached from your own business. After that, try to rekindle your focus and lit the fire again. You can do this by asking your employee for input and constructive feedbacks.

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