Benefits of Campus Hiring for Startups

Startup is often pictured as a team full of young people, Millennials and Gen-Z. They are deemed as the representation of fresh ideas, enthusiastic youths eager to develop with the newly-built startups. With a young-driven image, startups often hire their talents through campus hiring. If you’re a founder looking to conduct your first campus hiring, here are more on this recruitment approach. Read on.. 


Campus Hiring at a Glance

Campus hiring is where corporates and startups collaborate with campuses and colleges to hold a recruitment event for fresh graduates of those campuses. In fact, the practice of campus hiring in itself is nothing new, but it is usually held through an internal job fair. As the world is undergoing a digital transformation, campus hiring has become an excellent strategy for ensuring that your startup consists of young people who are tech-savvy. Increased use of digital tools in the academic environment has helped reinvent and revolutionize campus recruitment, increasing career options for students from all academic disciplines.

Here are three main benefits of campus hiring for startups:


1 . Top Talents of Your Choosing

No matter what country your startup is headquartered in, there are always words on the street saying top universities usually provide high-performing graduates in many disciplines. Although formal education is not always the main indicator of finding the best talent, it is still one way to leverage. With campus hiring, startups can be specific about which division they need to fill in and see if fresh graduates from the target campus are willing to apply. This will benefit startups, as they may acquire just the best talents on a single, streamlined process of campus hiring. For the campus, this can also be just as beneficial, since having campus hiring means providing ready-to-recruit employers for their fresh graduates. Aside from lowering the unemployment rate among alumni, campus hiring will also motivate undergraduate students to excel in their studies, so they can land a better chance at being hired right away after graduating.


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2 . Time-Efficient

Another guaranteed benefit of campus hiring is efficiency. Rather than posting job ads and waiting for candidates to apply before sorting through resumes, campus hiring makes it easy for startups to acquire fresh graduates. Startups can directly collaborate with universities to discover the talent they want. For example, they can specifically collaborate with the faculty of computer science in a specific campus to recruit junior programmers. The eligibility of applicants can also be discussed with the target campus prior to the hiring event. For example, if startups prefer candidates who are 27 years old or below, the campus hiring will specify that only fresh graduates and those who have graduated not more than 4 years can apply. Although applicants will come from one campus at a time, it will actually help recruiters to narrow down candidates, making it more time-efficient and even cost-efficient!


3 . Increased Employer Branding
Nowadays, many fresh graduates are ‘dreaming’ of working at startups, as young people value growth and creativity more than just salary. Startups may not be companies with the biggest capital like well-established corporations, but startups surely provide more room for innovation. Campus hiring can emphasize that startups embrace fresh graduates’ desire to channel their groundbreaking ideas and actually give them a chance to make a change. If the first campus hiring is proven successful and fresh graduates are keen to stay employed in that startup, their juniors may just follow suit. This means that your startup has built a positive image among students and fresh graduates of universities you are aiming to collaborate with. Acquiring top talents while making your startup known as one of the top talents’ dream employers? All can be done through campus hiring. 


Campus hiring is not a foolproof method; it does come with some disadvantages too at some points. Yet, it is still worth considering. Unemployment is one of the biggest fears of all fresh graduates and it makes them race to secure a job. On the other hand, finding top talents is one of the greatest challenges faced by recruiters. Through campus hiring, these concerns can be addressed at the same time, making it the best for both parties!


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image source: istockphoto