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Quite often, when an entrepreneur has a business idea yet do not have the skills to build it or has great tech skills but lacking in the business area? And these entrepreneurs wonder on how to go about finding co-founders?

At Startup Jobs Asia’s platform, you can easily ‘shout out’ to the rest that you are looking for one!

Now, coming back to our topic for today… have you ever heard of this saying that “If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door” ?

Startup Jobs Asia’s Jobs Portal has various startups looking for Co-Founders! There are more than 90 to check out! Well… Startup Jobs Asia has already built the door and if you have the right skill set, start knocking on some now!

Here are some of the Startups who are looking for Co-Founders…


Job Forward is looking for a VP of Technology for Online Recruiting (Co-Founder).

They are…?

Articles after articles you could have come across online talking about social media hiring and so on. How to do it? You might have wondered. Good news! Job Forward is a Singapore based startup and they are developing a social recruiting platform to help employers in their talent acquisition.


Are you interested in the following?

If you are interested in…

–          Target $1billion Recruiting market in the ASEAN region

–          Innovate the world’s first social graph for job matching

–          Unleash your technology expertise to change the world

If you are… knock here.


Nothing chemical here! Basilo Labs is looking for a Chief Technology Officer (Co-Founder).

So if it’s nothing about Chemicals…then?

Basilo Labs is about Mobile Video Technologies and U.G.M.V.A (User Generated Mobile Video Advertisement). Currently, they are working on a new standard for user-generated mobile video content that brings modern technology marketing to a new level.

Are you ready…

To take this newly founded startup towards the right direction? You get to work with their international team of highly skilled Software Engineers!

If you are ready to do so, you know where to click!

Bring it on!


James Reto is looking for a CTO with strong UX/UI Experience (Co-Founder).

What is James Reto?

Heard about Co-Creation of consumer products? James Reto wants to position themselves in the luxury accessories market and create more personal products by giving customers the opportunity of co-creation.

What’s on offer?

Equity participation and flexible working hours on a freelance or part-time basis.

So here’s an opportunity for you to create and influence the beginning of something awesome!

Click here to find out about the responsibilities and requirements of the position!


ReferWall is looking for a CTO/Founder.

What’s ReferWall?

They are currently working on deploying globally a platform for the recruiting industry.


Who are they looking for?

You have to be someone holding an IT engineering degree with experience building a product from A to Z. Being familiar with modern framework like Django, Rails, grails or play… Experience working in Agile processes / Scrum.

Of course, as a CTO/Founder, there’s more… and you can take a peek here.


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