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Startup Story: Warung Pintar

Southeast Asia (SEA) is home to some of the most notable unicorns. While the region is known for its exquisite tourist attractions, its startup ecosystem is gaining momentum in attracting international investors. Indonesia, the biggest and most populous country in SEA, is slowly becoming the next internet economy in the region due to its rapid

Keeping Your Startup Alive: Track these Metrics!

Running a startup is a tricky business. First thing first, startups often rely heavily on investors and venture capitalists to provide them with resources. This means you need to carefully track your growth so that they could trust your business model and hopefully keep supporting your cause. Secondly, oftentimes startups have limited budgets which beg

Benefits of Campus Hiring for Startups

Startup is often pictured as a team full of young people, Millennials and Gen-Z. They are deemed as the representation of fresh ideas, enthusiastic youths eager to develop with the newly-built startups. With a young-driven image, startups often hire their talents through campus hiring. If you’re a founder looking to conduct your first campus hiring,

A Cheat Sheet on Networking in the Startup World

Most often than not, the only way to get the dream job in startups is to nurture one’s networking. As the job market gets more and more competitive, the skills that come with expanding networking become more crucial now than ever. As a matter, a study found that 122 million people received an interview invitation

Startup Story: Carsome Malaysia

Introduced in 2015, Carsome was a new kid on the block in Malaysia’s startup community. Since then, it consistently grew into one of the largest integrated car e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia. Being the first of its kind, Carsome acknowledges the need for such a single systematic platform for transparency and convenience, as well as

6 Steps to Be Super Efficient

We all know that one person who seems to be getting everything done far before the deadline. Whether it is a friend, a colleague or even a member of your own family, these types of people often leave us wondering if they ever stop working given how fast they are delivering tasks. However, did you

Trello App Review for Your Startup Project Management

  Efficiency should be at the heart of every startup, be it financial or performance-related. There are many productivity apps that can help you achieve a better workflow on a daily basis. However, choosing the most suitable one among many options can be quite daunting. One of the most popular productivity apps, which serves mainly

Bootstrapping? Here are some ideas

Sourcing for capital is never an easy task and thus some startup founders choose to bootstrap during their first year. Bootstrapping is the idea of building a worthwhile business without the backing of investors and having little or no starting capital. In short, they only rely on talents and professionalism to get their business running.

Free Design Resources for Startup Brand Identity

In the era of Instagram and Tiktok, the visual aspect of your brand is indispensable. Visual speaks louder and it is imperative for startups like yours to follow the bandwagon. Coming up with a visionary, valuable product or service is no longer enough to attract customers if you fail to wrap them in alluring visual

Salaries Or Higher Equities? Which One to Choose If You Join a Startup

As a new business project, a startup is often so cash-strapped that it seeks another method to compensate its employees. Among the most popular types of non-cash compensation is equity, in which founders give their staff some part of the company’s ownership. If you are looking to join a startup as a talent, you might