Attending a Startup Career Fair? Here’s Some Great Tips!

In an era defined by online and wireless technologies, attending a live career fair might sound like a boring and an obsolete idea. Why should you bother spending time to jostle with everyone when you can find a job without budging off your seat, right at your fingertips on the computer?

Well the truth is, attending career fair offers several great benefits that you cannot get elsewhere. At career fairs, you can directly experience with the professional world, get in touch with professionals and experts in their fields, obtain reliable information from employers, as well as hone your social and communication skills.

Having real conversations with other job seekers and employers is very different from talking over the machine, since you can convey and express your intentions more clearly. Also in the workplace, you will mostly deal with humans, not computers alone, right?

As one of the most popular business prototype, startups have been in the public glare for long. Hence, it is not surprising to find startup career fair as a medium to bridge community needs for information, regards job opportunities and workplace culture in startups.

Offering flexible and passionate workplace environment, attending startup career fair would be a little different from the usual general job fair you visit. Here are some great tips on how to make the most of it:

  • Follow the dress code

When you visit the usual career fair, formal business attire would be the first dress code of choice. However, in a startup career fair, you can leave your suits behind and switch to a more casual and comfort wear.

Nonetheless, you should note that career fair is a place where you might get an opportunity to present yourself in front of prospective employers, so don’t be too loose in your dress choice. You can stick to donning something casual, but it should be decent and presentable.

  • Arrive early

Just like the other job fairs, startup career fair venue is often packed with thousands of visitors. Therefore, to avoid long queues right from the entrance, it will be better if you could arrive early so that you can explore more booths on the shop floor.

Also since hiring managers are busy standing, answering questions, and serving visitors all the time, it is advisable to approach them during morning hours when their spirit, energy, and mood is cheerful and pleasant for the day to begin.

  • Update your resume

One of the biggest mistakes many people make is never updating their resumes. Even for a slightest change, make sure that you update your resume with the latest information such that you don’t arrive at a startup career fair with invalid and expired information.

Do bring several copies of your latest CV and do hand it over to the hiring managers of companies, you are interested to work for. This way, you can immediately understand if your qualifications fits the bill of requirements for the job role you desire.

  • Bring your portfolio

If your CV is the initial introduction about yourself to the company, then portfolio could be the secret hack to secure your dream job and back-up your competences. A single sheet of CV can only able to talk about your skills and proficiencies. However, if you do have a portfolio, then you could prove and provide references to backup what’s stated in the CV.

Therefore, it is always advisable to create a comprehensive portfolio detailing your work experiences as a proof and examples of previous projects you have worked on.

  • Ask questions

One of the best ways to leave a positive impression on the minds of the employer is by asking sensible and meaningful questions. Asking questions means you showcase serious interest and are curious to know about the workings of the company. However, you should avoid asking something obvious or something you can learn by yourself from brochures and pamphlets they have handed.

  • Be social

Attending a startup career fair is not solely about finding a job or reaching out to companies. It also helps to gain experience, make new friends, and build networks with people who belong to the same industry and perhaps same career choices as well.

Mingle with the crowd, try to blend in and join the conversation flow. Put on your best smile and greet everyone with utmost hospitality, you never know what goodness it will bring.

  • Follow-up

Have a good conversation with the company representatives during the career fair? Don’t lose out on the interactions once you leave the show. Stay connected by simply sending ‘thank you emails’ to make your presence noticed by the recruiter.