Are You Ready for an Intern? Questions to Ask Yourself First

Summer is the time of the year where newbies and fresh graduates can be seen everywhere. You can see them walking in from one company to another trying their luck. Some are seeking for an employment right away and some are on the lookout for experience – like possibly an internship.


In today’s competition in the corporate world, internship is the ultimate way for you to land a job which secures an individual enough experience and courage before doing it in the real corporate world.


Internships are meant to be foundation of a future super employee. They should give enough overview, experience and provide enough courage for the future employee to compete in the big and rude corporate world. They are there to increase knowledge, hone skills and instill enough professionalism to the individual.


If your company is considering opening several slots for internship, there are things that you should ask yourself and consider first:

  • Do I know how to manage a young professional? Managing a young professional is a different game. Yuppies today know what they want and what their expectation should be. They are more aggressive and wiser. If you are not yet ready to meet them halfway, you should think twice.


  • Can I, as an employer, provide my interns quality and good work experiences? Remember that internships are there to teach a newbie additional knowledge that you cannot learn from books. Internships are there as a practice ground for fresh graduates who want to have a taste of the real corporate world. It is your duty as an employer to provide all the first hand experiences a newbie expects when the real job begins.


  • If you are the type of employer who values real work experiences, try hiring interns that can help you along the way. Interns that you can easily absorb after their internship and can definitely give something to the table.


  • Can I promise to dedicate time, effort and patience to train the intern/s? Training interns is very much the same in welcoming a new batch of employees to your company. The only difference is that interns do not have any work experiences while the latter group has. They do not have work ethics yet. Your major role now is aside from giving them the do’s and don’ts and some truth about the company is instilling work ethics in them. Just make sure you are patient enough and very willing to explain every single detail to them as they can ask you a lot of questions.


  • Do I have the ability to give competitive compensation? Providing a competitive compensation is not just the most legal thing to do but it is also the right thing to do. There are students and recent fresh grads that are facing a heavy student loan debt. While the salary for being an intern is not the only possible source of income, it gives the interns the chance to be financially liberated and independent. It teaches them how to be responsible on their own. So if you cannot really give minimum wage to your interns, try offering other types of compensation such as stipends, HMOs, skills training or even as simple as company outings. Nothing really can ever change the value of monetary compensation but some token of appreciation can go a long way.


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Article contributed by Startup Jobs Asia‘s Team.

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